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10 Best Marvel/Disney Variant Covers, Ranked

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Disney has released variant covers for iconic Marvel comics. Here's a list of the best and where to find them.

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10 DC Origin Tropes We're All Tired Of

Origins like being the last survivor of an alien planet or arriving from the future once felt exciting, but they've become too common in DC Comics.

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10 DC Villains Worthy Of Green Lantern Rings

Beyond DC's heroes, many comic villains like Sinestro and Harley Quinn have, or should have, worn Green Lantern power rings.

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10 DC Eras A Batman Miniseries Should Revisit

Batman has changed a lot over the decades, and it's high time DC Comics took a trip down memory lane and revisited previous eras.

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15 Best Darth Vader Comics In Marvel & Dark Horse, Ranked

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, and he has several excellent comic book storylines across Marvel and Dark Horse.

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10 DC Villains Doctor Doom Would Team Up With

Doctor Doom may have debuted as a Fantastic Four villain, but he threatens the entire Marvel Universe. Who would help him conquer DC Comics?

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10 Batman Villains Who Could Headline Their Own Comic After Penguin

Penguin stars in his own comic written by Tom King, but surely there are many other Batman villains who deserve their own comic title as well.

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10 Indie Comic Heroes Who Could Join The Justice League

The Justice League are one of the greatest teams in comics. Throughout indie comics, there are many heroes who would make a great addition to the JLA.

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10 Best Spider-Man Comics From Different Genres

Over a sixty-one-year publishing history, Spider-Man’s layered characterization and disparate villains have allowed him to genre-hop to great effect.

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10 Comic Book Artists Who Clearly Love What They Draw

Whether it's for Marvel, DC, or indie comics, there are so many talented comics artists in the industry, and many pour their heart onto the page.

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Watchmen: Each Character's Charlton Comics Inspiration, Explained

Drawing inspiration from Charlton Comics characters, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons combined that with their own clever ideas to create Watchmen.

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10 Weak DC Villains Who Went God Mode

DC's villains range in abilities from feeble scientists to literal gods. For some of the weaker foes, they once wielded god-like powers.

Batman and Superman with Elseworlds Gotham by Gaslight and Speeding Bullets 1
10 Elseworlds The World’s Finest Should Revisit After Kingdom Come

Batman and Superman journey to the Kingdom Come universe in the World's Finest comic - but which Elseworlds should they visit next?

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10 Best Superhero Comeback Comics, Ranked

Comics from Marvel, DC, or otherwise are constantly getting rid of characters and bringing them back, and some of those comebacks are downright epic.

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10 Biggest Double Standards In DC Comics

No hero is perfect, but the discrepancies between the treatment of heroes like Batman or Superman and Hawkgirl or Supergirl are too big to ignore.

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10 Darkest X-Men Comics From The Krakoa Age

X-Men has been known to have some bleak arcs over the course of its history, but the Krakoa Era saw some of the franchise's darkest threads yet.

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10 Indie Comics Versions Of The Justice League

Indie comics have always looked to classic superheroes to inspire new creations. There are many indie counterparts for the Justice League.

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Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero: Who Wins?

The time has come to answer the greatest question in comics — who wins, the mighty Marvel heroes or DC's dynamic warriors?

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10 Upgrades From Villains That Wolverine Could Use

Wolverine is tough, with his adamantium skeleton and healing factor, but he could help the X-Men even more with some upgrades from villains.

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10 Most Horrifying Super Teams from the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Universe has long been home to some of pop culture's most iconic super teams, as well as the scariest. Here are some of the best.

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