Doctor Doom may have debuted as a Fantastic Four villain, but he has repeatedly threatened the entire Marvel Universe, using his power and resources from Latveria to challenge Spider-Man and the Avengers, and gaining godlike powers in multiple Secret Wars events. If Doctor Doom crossed over into the DC Comics universe, which villains would he team up with?

Doctor Doom is a master manipulator and strategist. He'll only choose to work with the best villains DC has to offer, utilizing what he needs and disposing of the rest. Doom would use the power and might of Superman and Batman foes Doomsday and Bane, while finding similarities in villains like Sinestro and Black Adam.

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10 Lex Luthor

Lex bows his head in sorrow as Superman floats outside his window in DC's Last Days of Lex Luthor.

Lex Luthor possesses no superpowers (in most incarnations), but he uses his technology, power, wealth, and control over Metropolis to challenge one of DC's strongest heroes. If Doctor Doom arrived on DC's Earth, he'd find Luthor's rivalry with Superman admirable; a powerless man challenging a god.

Unfortunately, an alliance between Doom and Luthor would be shallow at best. Both are master manipulators and liars, each doing whatever it takes to benefit themselves over anyone else. Doom would betray Lex and use LexCorp's resources to fuel Latveria's strength.

9 Bane

Batman fighting Bane outside of Arkham Asylum.

Bane is more than a brute force. In events like Knightfall, "I Am Bane" and "City of Bane," DC proved that Bane is a skilled tactician, mercenary, and assassin. Bane has defeated and broken Batman on several occasions, and he would be a terrific addition to Doctor Doom's army.

Bane would likely follow Doom's orders if it meant an increase to Latveria's strength. Bane is very loyal, so recruiting him to Latveria's causes would be important. While Doctor Doom deals with threats like Avengers and the Justice League, Bane could operate as his silent mercenary, attacking from the shadows while Doom distracts the heroes.

8 Female Furies

Granny Goodness smiles gleefully as Aurelie collapses and the Furies look on in DC Comics

Doctor Doom may seem like a solo act, but he usually achieves his victories with the help of others; albeit through deception and manipulation. Doom only achieved godhood thanks to other characters like Reed Richards and an impressionable Molecule Man. Doom needs foot soldiers and loyal followers to help him obtain greater power and the Female Furies are proven killers.

Under the tutelage of Granny Goodness, who follows Darkseid, the Female Furies are trained assassins, using weapons fueled by New God technology. Doctor Doom would likely ally with the Furies, pointing them like weapons while stealing their New God tech for himself.

7 Doomsday

Superman and Kal-L, the Golden Age Superman, fight Doomsday together in DC Comics

Doomsday was powerful enough to kill Superman in the "Death of Superman" arc. If Doctor Doom crossed over into the DC Universe, he'd recognize Doomsday's power immediately. Doom is, above all else, a prolific businessman, seeing opportunity around every corner. Doom would devise a means of controlling Doomsday to unleash him on any powerful threat.

Could Doctor Doom defeat Superman or the Justice League? The victor is debatable, but Doom's Doomsday could at least wound the Man of Steel and the League, giving the doctor an opening to seize the win.

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6 Brainiac

Superman facing Brainiac in cover art for the titular story arc.

Doom seeks knowledge, often killing or depowering literal gods to acquire it. Doom is ruthless in his pursuit of information, as he believes in the power it grants those who know it. Brainiac holds the most information in the DC Universe, trapping endangered civilizations in miniaturized, bottled cities. Doctor Doom would team up with Brainiac purely for the knowledge he possesses.

The moment Doom no longer needs Brainiac, he'd likely betray the DC villain, steal his treasure of cities, and learn how to operate Brainiac's technology himself. Brainiac is cold and calculating, often acting like a computer simply crunching numbers. Doom would be far more deadly because he has human motives and desires.

5 Sinestro

Sinestro wearing his yellow suit and holding a yellow lantern in DC Comics.

Doctor Doom controls Latveria, but some disapprove of his reign. Doom constantly fights threats of betrayal as outside forces attempt to rip his country from him, feeling him unfit to rule. Forces in the DC Universe similarly challenge Sinestro's rule over his homeworld Korugar. While Sinestro was a Green Lantern, he protected his world by ruling it. Hal Jordan and the Guardians of the Universe freed Korugar with the help of Sinestro's daughter, Soranik Natu.

Doom and Sinestro are similar villains who take control of their homes, with the original intention of protecting their people, but they fall to power's corruption. Doom would also likely team up with Sinestro to obtain a yellow ring of fear, yet another piece of alien technology that would make him unstoppable.

4 Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy trapping Batman in swathes of vines in DC Comics.

Doctor Doom loves control. In the Secret Wars (2015) event, Doom created Battleworld, a bubbled universe that contained fragments of Marvel's multiverse. Doom reigned supreme because he controlled everything that occurred on Battleworld. If he crossed over with DC Comics, Doom would seek those with the power to control the masses, and he'd find Poison Ivy.

During Tom King's Batman run, Poison Ivy mind-controlled the entire Justice League and made them hunt the Dark Knight and Catwoman. Doom would capitalize on Ivy's power to control heroes like Superman, systematically defeating any threat to his rule.

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3 Black Adam

Black Adam in the Knight Terrors event.

Black Adam is the ruler of Kahndaq, a fictional country in the DC Universe. Adam possessed the power of Shazam long before Billy Batson and the modern-day Shazam Family, and he abused that power to rule Kahndaq with an iron fist. Doctor Doom rules Latveria with similar brutality, although Black Adam has shown more humanity to his citizens.

Doom would likely try to team up with Black Adam, noticing their similarities. However, Adam might surprise Doom with his heroism. Black Adam has shifted from villain to anti-hero recently, fighting alongside the Justice League in Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. Doctor Doom's proposed alliance with Black Adam may actually result in a new enemy.

2 Morgaine Le Fey

Morgaine Le Fay

The list of Doctor Doom's powers is quite extensive. The Fantastic Four villain is a genius who can control technology, he often uses super strength and speed, and he even controls dark magic and sorcery. While villains like Brainiac may attract him with sci-fi tech, Doctor Doom's eye would fall toward someone like Morgaine Le Fey.

Debuting in The Demon #1 by Jack Kirby, Morgaine le Fey is an ancient sorceress who uses magic to control her kingdoms. Doom and Morgaine le Fey would make an incredible powerful and terrifying duo, acting and king and queen to many kingdoms like Latveria, Camelot, and any DC nation that tries to stop them.

1 Anti-Monitor

The Anti-Monitor smashes through buildings in DC Comics

The Anti-Monitor nearly destroyed DC's multiverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Doctor Doom is often drawn to beings with godlike power. In the original Secret Wars comic from 1984, Doctor Doom challenged the Beyonder with power he stole from Galactus. Doom was the real protagonist of Secret Wars, acting instead o reacting, ripping control of Battleworld from the Beyonder.

If Doom entered the DC Universe, he'd try to obtain the Anti-Monitor's power as well. Doom would use the antimatter canon to destroy the multiverse and rebuild it in his image as he did to the Marvel multiverse in Secret Wars (2015).