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Guillermo Kurten is a journalism major at the University of Houston. Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, he now resides in Houston. He is a fan of pretty much anything involving nerd culture. Video games, comics, movies, TV, anime, manga, you name it. He also has experience writing about soccer, specifically, the German team Bayern Munich.

Split image of Dan Mora and Simone Di Meo's art of Batman and Robin, respectively. 1
Every Robin & Why Batman Recruited Them (In Chronological Order)

From Dick Grayson to Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, several heroic characters have worked alongside Batman as the Boy Wonder over the years.

Darth Vader Comic Books-1 1
15 Best Darth Vader Comics In Marvel & Dark Horse, Ranked

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, and he has several excellent comic book storylines across Marvel and Dark Horse.

Split image of Einar and Thorfinn shaking hands and Hild aiming her crossbow in Vinland Saga. 1
15 Best Vinland Saga Manga Panels, Ranked

Vinland Saga is one of the best ongoing manga and anime, and these are some of the greatest panels from the series.

Split image of Guts holding his Dragon Slayer and the Eclipse in Berserk. 1
10 Pieces of Berserk Lore New Fans Should Know

Berserk is one of the most celebrated manga ever, and its fantasy world is dense with lore worth delving into for new readers.

The Dark Knight Returns 1
The Dark Knight Returns Isn't Frank Miller's Most Influential Batman Comic -- Year One Is

Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns was revolutionary for Batman at the time, but Year One is arguably the writer's most influential work.

Split image of Star Wars: Dynasty of Evil cover art and the Disney+ logo. 1
Star Wars Legends Stories Would Thrive as Disney+ Animated Shows

The Star Wars franchise is brimming with possibilities for TV series, and the brand's Legends offerings would make for great animated Disney+ shows.

Batman facing off against the Arkham Knight in the eponymous video game. 1
Arkham Knight's Twist Wasn't Surprising, But it Was Crucial to Batman's Arc

While the twist of the Arkham Knight's identity wasn't surprising, the character's role was crucial to Batman's arc in the Arkhamverse.

Batman holding a Batarang and standing against the moonlight in cover art for Arkham Asylum. 1
Batman: Arkham Asylum Deserves a Last of Us-Style Remake

Rocksteady's trailblazing Batman: Arkham Asylum deserves a modern update akin to Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part I.

Split image of Daredevil with Karen Page in Born Again and swinging through the city in Devil at Bay. 1
10 Best Daredevil Comics For Non-Daredevil Fans

Daredevil has seen his popularity bolstered in recent years thanks to the acclaimed TV show, and these are great comics for the uninitiated to read.

Split image of key art for Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles and Bloodborne. 1
10 Dark Fantasy Games To Play After Watching Castlevania: Nocturne

Castlevania: Nocturne ushers in a new era for the Netflix canon, and these are some excellent dark fantasy games to play after watching the show.

Split image of Batman and Joker in cover art for The Joker War and The Killing Joke. 1
15 Best Joker Comics, Ranked

The Joker is Batman's most iconic villain, and these are some of the best DC stories featuring the Clown Prince of Crime.

Chandelure and Shuckle from Pokémon anime 1
20 Pokémon With Surprisingly High Base Stats

It's easy to get complacent and stick with the same obviously effective Pokémon, but there are some that have much higher stats than people realize.

Split image of The Witcher: Curse of Crows and A Grain of Truth comic book cover art. 1
10 Best Witcher Comics From Dark Horse

Outside the revered books and games, The Witcher franchise has some excellent comic books under publisher Dark Horse.

Castlevania Nocturne  1
10 Strongest Characters In Castlevania: Nocturne

Netflix's Castlevania: Nocturne introduces a fresh cast of characters, each capable of impressive feats in a fight.

Split image of Batman and Robin in R.I.P. and Bruce confronting his persona in Ego. 1
10 Most Underrated Batman Quotes, Ranked

Throughout his long publication history, Batman's comics have delivered some memorable quotes. Here are some that are commonly overlooked.

Split image of Batman in cover art for No Man's Land and Bruce Wayne: Murderer? 1
25 Darkest Batman Comics On DC Universe Infinite, Ranked (October 2023)

Batman has a dense catalog of epic stories, and there's no shortage of dark, thrilling comics to read on the DC Universe Infinite digital app.

Split image of Star Wars: Dark Times, Heir to the Empire, and Knights of the Old Republic covers. 1
10 Best Star Wars Legends Comics to Read On Marvel Unlimited

The Disney canon era of Star Wars has spawned some excellent Marvel comics, but Marvel Unlimited also hosts noteworthy Legends books.

a collage of prince of persia the lost crown, star wars outlaws, and Ark 2 1
10 Biggest Action-Adventure Games to Look Forward to In 2024 (So Far)

This year has been excellent for video games in general, and some promising action-adventure titles are already coming in 2024.

Split image of Batman in cover art for Universe and in Neo-Gothic. 1
10 Best Sci-Fi Batman Comics

Various versions of Batman have traveled through time and the Dark Multiverse, encountering DC's strangest creatures in great sci-fi comics.

Split image of the legacy characters in Star Wars (2020) and Darth Vader in his titular series (2017). 1
10 Best Star Wars Comics to Read On Marvel Unlimited

Beyond the big screen, Star Wars has a significant presence in comic books, with Marvel Unlimited housing the best digital collection.

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