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A split image of mcu and comic book thanos 1
The MCU Held Thanos Back From His Ultimate Accomplishment In The Comics

Thanos once became one of Marvel's greatest galactic protectors, but pressure to conform him to his MCU version undid years of growth.

Split image of Dan Mora and Simone Di Meo's art of Batman and Robin, respectively. 1
Every Robin & Why Batman Recruited Them (In Chronological Order)

From Dick Grayson to Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, several heroic characters have worked alongside Batman as the Boy Wonder over the years.

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Xemnu returns in The Immortal Hulk 1
31 Days Of Halloween: Immortal Hulk #32: "Xemnu Returns"

The Immortal Hulk is best known for its body horror and supernatural ties, but Xemnu's return in Issue #32 cleverly subverts those tropes.

A split image of Storm, Magneto, and Uranos from Marvel Comics 1
The X-Men’s Latest Ally Also Killed Their Greatest Leader

The worst weapon ever used against Arrako just became Storm's latest powerhouse in the war against Genesis, but it might bring horrific consequences.

the eponymous heroes of marvels comics group fantastic four reading their own comic book 1
What Happened to Marvel’s Other Ultimate Universe?

The year 2000 saw the Ultimate Marvel Universe change comics forever, but it also introduced another different take on fans' favorite heroes.

A split image of covers from Secret Empire 1
Is It Time To Re-Evaluate Secret Empire?

5 years later, Secret Empire remains one of Marvel's most controversial events... but does it deserve another evaluation?

'90s Superman with an image of Superman, Jon Kent, Supergirl and Krypto. 1
Superboy’s "Almost Rebellion" Highlights a Major Problem With DC's Superhero Families

An unused change of direction for DC Comics' Superboy showcased how overshadowed the Metropolis Kid has become in the crowded Superman Family.

Vote Loki 2016 1
How Vote Loki Became The God of Mischief's Best Comic

Satirical, playful, and funny, Vote Loki is the perfect vehicle for Marvel’s much-loved trickster, providing a timely and relevant tale.

Peter Parker kissing Mary Jane Watson in an airport 1
Mary Jane Has to Rethink Her Reasons for Calling Peter Parker 'Tiger'

In their latest look at notable comic book quotes, CSBG shows why Mary Jane was "wowed" by Peter Parker's reaction to why she calls him 'Tiger'

Clayface looms over a clay model of Batman in One Bad Day cover art. 1
Batman’s Best Shapeshifting Villain Deserves His Own Comic After Penguin

Batman's shapeshifting villain Clayface has a rich enough history that he deserves a comic to explore his own struggles and inner humanity.

31 Days of Halloween: Hellblazer #27

Hellblazer #27 features John Constantine facing down darkness with the help of human connection, and serves as a horror masterpiece.

Nightwing 1
Nightwing Surpassed The Dark Knight Ages Ago

Nightwing's story has evolved a great deal over the years in DC comics, but somewhere along the way, the hero managed to overtake his mentor, Batman.

Darth Vader fights the Spark Eternal. 1
Star Wars: A Dark Side Cult Proved The Sith Are Vital To The Galaxy's Survival

Recent Star Wars media has illustrated just how vital the Sith are to the galaxy through the actions of a dark side cult.

Bumblebee amid a sunset. 1
Skybound’s Transformers #1 Deals a Fan-Favorite Autobot a Tragic Fate

Skybound's Transformers #1 reintroduces several fan favorite characters - and deals a beloved Autobot a tragic fate.

Superman and Flash running 1
Superman Vs. Flash: DC Officially Answers Who Wins in a Race

DC officially featured a definitive race between Superman and the Flash. For those wondering who's the fastest hero, the answer may surprise them.

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Fall of X Has Nerfed One of the Deadliest (and Most Frightening) X-Men - But There's Hope

Magik's powers were significantly nerfed during the events of Fall of X, but there's still hope for the X-Men within the pages of Realm of X.

The Brood on Uncanny X men 1
31 Days Of Halloween: Uncanny X-Men #155

The X-Men have lived through some of Marvel's most horrifying stories, but the introduction of the Brood changed what theirs looked like forever.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan with the new Titans 1
DC's Next Generation of Heroes Have Surpassed Their Mentors in a Vital Area

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen discuss their heroic successors in the latest Green Lantern comic, realizing the younger heroes do something better.

Stan Lee and the NHL Guardians 1
The NHL’s Guardian Project is Stan Lee’s Strangest Legacy

Stan Lee led numerous controversial projects in the early 2000s, but none were as strange as his collaboration with the National Hockey League.

Some of the droids assembling to fight the Scourge in Star Wars comics 1
The Clone Wars’ Most Devious Droid Squadron Is Making A Comeback

With a new threat stirring in the Star Wars galaxy, the newly reformed D-Squad is proving just how important droids are to the franchise.

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