Watchmen and Charlton Comics 1
Watchmen: Each Character's Charlton Comics Inspiration, Explained

Drawing inspiration from Charlton Comics characters, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons combined that with their own clever ideas to create Watchmen.

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A split image of F.A.R.M., Death, and Phonogram 1
Best Graphic Novels To Read

Although some people only gravitate to the superhero genre, comics have something for everyone, which is well-demonstrated by graphic novels.

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25 Characters Who Could Take Down Dr. Manhattan

Watchmen claims Dr. Manhattan might be the most powerful character in existence, but godlike heroes and villains from Marvel and DC say otherwise.

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Avengers, Inc. 1
EXCLUSIVE: Avengers, Inc. What Makes Noir Superheroes So Hard?

Detective superheroes like Batman are common but film noir is a hopeless genre. Why do writers like Al Ewing love combining superheroes and noir?

Rorschach guards the city in the rain and Ozymandias meditates in Before Watchmen 1
Every Watchmen Hero And Villain, Explained

DC's Watchmen is one of the most influential superhero comics ever. Its heroes and villains were carefully chosen to represent elements of comics.

Poster for Blue Beetle. 1
Blue Beetle's Watchmen Easter Egg Is Exactly What It Seems

Is the Bug Ship in Blue Beetle a reference to Watchmen's Owlship, or is it the other way around? In this case, the Easter egg works both ways.

The second Blue Beetle and Nite Owl in DC Comics 1
How Blue Beetle Is Tied to the Most Important Comic Book Ever

Jaime Reyes is the most popular Blue Beetle, but his predecessors inspired two notable heroes in Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' iconic Watchmen.

Ozymandias Watchmen Comic and Live Action 1
Why Watchmen's Ozymandias Is Still DC's Most Compelling "Villain"

1986's Watchmen produced some of the most complex characters in the medium, including Ozymandias who remains one of DC's greatest villains.

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10 Most Famous DC Quotes, Ranked

DC has worked its way into pop culture through its history of characters and stories. Through that time, it's the great quotes fans remember most.

Rorschach scribbles in his journal with the bloody Watchmen logo behind him in DC Comics 1
Why The Watchmen Need An Ongoing Comic Title

Many DC Comics fans consider Moore & Gibbons' Watchmen to be the best comic ever. It's sparked spinoffs and adaptations but it needs an ongoing series

Rorschach From Watchmen 1
The Watchmen's Rorschach Needs An Ongoing Comic Title

After being created for the seminal Watchmen series, Rorschach has become an iconic DC hero. It's time for him to get his own ongoing comic.

Squadron Supreme vs Watchmen-1 1
Sorry Watchmen, Marvel's Squadron Supreme is the Greatest Deconstruction of Superhero Comics

Watchmen is considered the greatest superhero comic of all time, but Marvel's Squadron Supreme is a better deconstruction of the genre.

The cast of Watchmen in Zack Snyder's movie adaptation. 1
Zack Snyder's Watchmen Has Three Cuts - But Only One Is Perfect for Movie Fans

A new animated version of Watchmen is on the way, but Zack Snyder's live-action movie adaptation has three versions, one of which is near perfect.

The main characters from the comic book Watchmen. 1
Watchmen Makes More Sense as an Animated Series, Not a Movie

Watchmen is receiving an animated movie adaptation, but the story is much better suited to being adapted in its entirety through an animated series.

Who Does Gerard Butler Play in Zack Snyder's Watchmen 1
Who Does Gerard Butler Play in Zack Snyder's Watchmen?

Gerard Butler played King Leonidas in Zack Snyder's 300, but also had a secret role in the director's Watchmen movie found only in the Ultimate Cut.

The main characters from the comic book Watchmen. 1
Watchmen Animated Film Announced at SDCC

DC Studios has announced Watchmen animated movie at the San Diego Comic-Con, which will release in 2024.

The Watchmen united 1
Watchmen Star Suggests the Zack Snyder Film Set the Stage for Avengers

Patrick Wilson suggests that Zack Snyder’s film, Watchmen, was “ahead of the curve” and primed audiences for superhero films like Marvel’s Avengers.

A split image of Superman holding a dead Supergirl and of Rorschach's death in DC Comics 1
10 Deaths That Changed DC Comics Forever

The shocking deaths of iconic characters like Superman, the Waynes, and Flash impacted DC Comics and the comic industry as a whole.

Split image Maus, Gender Queer and Goblin Slayer banned comics 1
10 Comics Banned In 2023

Many important comics were banned, some unjustly, in 2023 due to their striking narratives, mature visuals, or provocative storytelling.

Split image of Omni Man in Invincible, Death in East of West and Skrulls in comic secrets 1
10 Darkest Comic Book Secrets

Secrets are integral to compelling narratives in comics from Marvel, DC and more, and readers are drawn to mysteries and shocking revelations.

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