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split image: Kyle Rayner, Sinestro and Batman Dawnbreaker with Green Lantern rings 1
10 DC Villains Worthy Of Green Lantern Rings

Beyond DC's heroes, many comic villains like Sinestro and Harley Quinn have, or should have, worn Green Lantern power rings.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan with the new Titans 1
DC's Next Generation of Heroes Have Surpassed Their Mentors in a Vital Area

Hal Jordan and Barry Allen discuss their heroic successors in the latest Green Lantern comic, realizing the younger heroes do something better.

Split image Sean Connery as Allen Quartermain, Darkseid, Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern 1
10 Comic Book Movies That Don't Have Sequels

Comic books have inspired some of the most successful films in modern Hollywood. However, some of these will never receive a sequel.

Split image Big Trouble in Little China/Escape NY, Power Rangers TMNT, Planet of the Apes 1
The Best BOOM! Studios Comic Crossovers, Ranked

Boom! Studios is one of the strongest publishers in indie comics. Like any great publisher, they've told some brilliant crossover stories.

Split image Per Degaton, Metron and Doctor Alchemy 1
10 Upgrades From Villains That Green Lantern Could Use

The Green Lantern Corps form the biggest peace-keeping force in the DCU, and could use a few upgrades from a few of the villains they face.

Split image Hal Jordan Parallax, New Gods, Katma Tui 1
10 Best Green Lantern Annuals, Ranked

From Parallax's control to encounters with New Gods, some of the best Green Lantern stories exist within annual comics that celebrate the GL mythos.

Split image Kong Planet of the Apes, Big Trouble Little China Escape NY, Green Lantern Planet of the Apes 1
10 Best Boom! Studios Miniseries, Ranked

Boom! Studios is a proud leader of the indie comic book scene, especially when it comes to its high quality stories featured in various miniseries.

Split image Darkseid, Ra's al Ghul and Starro the Conqueror 1
DC Villains With the Most Resurrections, Ranked

The JLA have faced one of the greatest rosters of villains in comics. However, some of these foes have learned the secret of returning from the dead.

Split image Steel, Kyle Rayner Green Lantern, Plastic Man 1
10 DC Heroes Who Have Never Died In The Comics

Superhero stories are known for killing and resurrecting heroes like Superman. However, great heroes like Steel and Plastic Man have never really died

Justice League meets Justice Society as Barry Allen Flash meets Jay Garrick 1
10 Silver Age DC Characters Better Than Their Golden Age Counterparts

Barry Allen's Flash launched the Silver Age, an era that largely updated versions of DC's Golden Age characters with new, sci-fi-inspired twists.

Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, Blue Lantern Flash from Blackest Night 1
10 Best New Lanterns From Blackest Night

Green Lantern and the Justice League battled the undead Black Lantern Corps, but Blackest Night also introduced some other Lantern members.

A split image of Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye, Superman: Lost, and Doom Patrol: Down Paradise Way 1
10 DC Comics That Would Make Great Sci-Fi Movies

DC heroes like Green Lantern and Adam Strange star in incredible comics that explore the cosmos, and these stories would make great sci-fi films.

DC co-CEO James Gunn surrounded by potential live-action Green Lanterns and Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner 1
How James Gunn's Lanterns Can Save Green Lantern's Popularity

A Sunday night HBO series has the chance to bring back the intergalactic peacekeepers in emerald energy fashion.

A composite image of the Golden Age Green Lantern with Steak the Wonder Dog in DC Comics 1
How The First Green Lantern Was Replaced — By a Dog

Alan Scott was DC Comics' first Green Lantern, but he's relatively obscure. This started when he was replaced by a dog in his own comics.

A split image of Wesley Dodds as Sandman, Jay Garrick, and Wonder Woman 1
10 Golden Age DC Characters Better Than Their Silver Age Counterparts

Golden Age versions of Flash, Wonder Woman and other Justice Society heroes are actually superior to their Silver Age counterparts in many ways.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro Fight on Green Lantern #3 Cover 1
Jeremy Adams’ Green Lantern Confronts Old Foes, Cosmic Mystery, and Change

Green Lantern writer Jeremy Adams spoke with CBR about the cosmic trouble that’s complicating Hal Jordan’s attempt to forge a new life on Earth.

Split image Hal Jordan Emerald Twilight, Injustice Hal Jordan, Green Lantern and Worlds Finest 1
10 DC Comics Where Green Lantern Fought Other Heroes

Since the Golden Age of comics, the Green Lanterns have been some of DC's best heroes. But they've also been known to fight their friends.

Split image Batman in armor, Batman and Tarzan, Savage Dragon 1
10 Best Dark Horse Comic Crossovers, Ranked

Since the 1980s, Dark Horse Comics has crafted some of the greatest comic heroes and stories, partly through excellent crossovers.

The Guardians of the Universe.  1
Why The DCU Needs To Give The Guardians Of The Universe Their Own Series

The Green Lantern Corps' bosses, the Guardians of the Universe, have never taken center stage in the DCU. It's past time for their spotlight.

How The Return Of Superman Arc Destroyed Hal Jordan

The Death of Superman was one of the biggest events in DC history, however, its most lasting impact wasn't on the Man of Steel, but on Hal Jordan.

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