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REVIEW: Shudder's The Puppetman Delivers a Confusing and Derivative Horror Tale

The Puppetman is a new horror flick that fails to convey an effective story or major scares. Here's CBR's review.

Poor Things - Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo 1
REVIEW:Poor Things is a Crowd-Pleaser at the Cost of Ideas

Emma Stone stars in Yorgos Lanthimos' latest film, Poor Things, a steampunk gothic about reanimation and sexual awakening.

Divinity - Stephen Dorff as Jaxxon, tied to a chair 1
REVIEW: Divinity is a Transfixing Sci-Fi Body Horror About Living Forever

Eddie Alcazar's Divinity examines the cost of living forever in an abrasively refreshing black-and-white sci-fi indie.

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REVIEW: Hulu's The Mill Carries Effective Themes in a Flawed Package

A single-location thriller, The Mill features important themes and a solid lead performance but suffers from major pacing issues. Here's CBR's review.

Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan in Foe the movie 1
REVIEW: Foe Squanders Two Supremely Talented Artists for a Predictable Twist

Foe, starring Paul Mescal and Saoirse Ronan, should be an event to celebrate. Instead, it's a sci-fi story that's been told a thousand times.

Demian Salomon and Ezequiel Rodriguez investigate the mysterious in When Evil Lurks 1
REVIEW: When Evil Lurks Offers an Intense, Terrifying Take on Demonic Possession

Argentinean writer-director Demián Rugna's powerfully unsettling horror film When Evil Lurks is not for the faint of heart or faint of stomach.

Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp in Dicks - The Musical 1
REVIEW: Dicks: The Musical is the Hilariously Heartwarming Musical About Alpha Male Twins Who Vow to Save Their Family

Dicks: The Musical presents the rare experience for 2023: laughter and disgust coexisting on the silver screen.

Dallas Edwards thinking in Monsters of California 1
REVIEW: Tom DeLonge's Monsters of California Rocks When It Focuses on the Laughs

The Blink182 singer's directorial debut, Monsters of California, entertains when it brings the laughs and not the overcooked drama.

Kiernan Shipka and Olivia Holt discover something nasty in Totally Killer 1
REVIEW: Totally Killer Is a Fun Take on 1980s Horror

Horror comedy Totally Killer is colorful and upbeat, with an amusing high-concept story that's just fast-paced enough to keep from falling apart.

Hadley Robinson is troubled in Appendage 1
REVIEW: Hulu Horror Movie Appendage Has Fun Practical Effects in a Weak Story

The one-note allegory about a monstrous manifestation of the protagonist's anxieties and fears wears thin. Here's CBR's review of Appendage.

No One Will Save You  1
REVIEW: No One Will Save You Is a Tense, Well-Crafted Alien Invasion Thriller

No One Will Save You filmmaker Brian Duffield knows his alien movies and knows how to use those familiar elements for his own ends.

Expend4bles 1
REVIEW: Expend4bles Comes Out Half-Cocked

The fourth installment of the Expendables franchise narrows its scope with middling results. Here's CBR's review of the uneven sequel.

Reptile Netflix Key Art 1
REVIEW: Reptile Is a Murder Mystery Heavy on the Existential Crisis

The Netflix original crime drama Reptile works better as a contemplative character study than a dark thriller, with Benicio del Toro center stage.

Woman standing on an elevator in Shudder's Elevator Game 1
REVIEW: Elevator Game Features a Frightening Villain Inside a Disappointing Horror Flick

Elevator Game sloppily adapts an internet legend into a film, resulting in a clunky and confusing mesh of ideas. Here's CBR's review.

Satanic Hispanics 1
REVIEW: Satanic Hispanics Is a Satisfying Latino Horror Showcase

As a showcase for a group of underappreciated Latino horror filmmakers, Satanic Hispanics accomplishes its goal. Here's CBR's review.

Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot in A Haunting in Venice 1
REVIEW: A Haunting in Venice's Visually Compelling Core Elevates an Underbaked Mystery

A Haunting in Venice is a visually rich blend of mystery tropes and horror elements that remains compelling -- even if it feels underbaked at times.

Christian Talks to a man in a dog suit in Good Boy 1
REVIEW: Good Boy Depicts the Darkest Depths of the Human Psyche

Norwegian horror flick Good Boy features a shocking storyline and plenty of jaw-dropping twists. Here's CBR's review.

Ernest & Celestine in the mountains 1
REVIEW: Ernest & Celestine: A Trip to Gibberitia Heightens the Action and Emotion Effectively

The French animated film Ernest & Celestine gets an adventurous sequel in A Trip to Gibberitia, with beautiful animation. Here's CBR's review.

Hilary Swank processes her grief in The Good Mother 1
REVIEW: The Good Mother Unevenly Balances Crime Thriller and Character Drama

The Good Mother is awkwardly positioned between drama and crime thriller, with strong aspects of both that don't quite fit together.

Kiah McKirnan takes charge of her fellow students in Perpetrator 1
REVIEW: Perpetrator Delivers a Strange But Effective Coming-of-Age Horror Story

Filmmaker Jennifer Reeder focuses on delivering a vibe, and the impressionistic Perpetrator doesn't hinge on shocking twists or intricate plotting.

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