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Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #1 variant cover. 1
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man is On His Own in Marvel's New Comics This Week

No one in New York City remembers who Peter Parker is in Marvel's new comics this week.

It's Jeff 1
Jeff the Land Shark's Adventures Continue on Marvel Unlimited

Marvel's Jeff the Land Shark is back for more adventures in Infinity Comic's It's Jeff #25, which drops on October 20.

Variant cover of Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1. 1
Godzilla Ruins Superman's Romantic Night in DC's New Comics This Week

The war between the Justice League, Godzilla and Kong kicks off in DC's new comics this week.

Indigenerds Cover Banner 1
EXCLUSIVE: Indigenerds Escapes Reality in 'Digital Eden'

A CBR exclusive preview from the Indigenerds anthology collection shows an Indigenous artist finding an escape from reality with a VR headset.

Pops catering a Riverdale Halloween party 1
Archie Mondays: There Ain't No Party Like a Riverdale Halloween Party

In CBR's weekly Archie news and previews, we spotlight another Halloween-themed Archie Digest, and the Toybox of Terror!

The Adventure Zone The Suffering Game Cover 1
NYCC: The Adventure Zone's Darkest Comic Arc Yet Unveils Its Embattled Cover

The McElroys reveal the cover art for the upcoming comic adaptation of The Adventure Zone's harrowing Suffering Game arc at New York Comic Con.

Batman holds a dying Robin in  1
DC Changes Robin’s Fate With An Alternate Version of Batman’s A Death in the Family

Jason Todd's fate is about to change in December when DC Comics releases an alternate version of the infamous "A Death in the Family."

infinitypaws-4x5-1 1
NYCC: Jeff the Land Shark Unites With Marvel's Other Animals for Infinity Paws

Infinity Comics' Infinity Paws will feature Marvel's Fan-favorite animal characters in a crossover for the ages.

David Finch Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham variant cover. 1
NYCC: DC Drops New Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham Trailer

NYCC’s Gotham Confidential Panel releases a trailer for Rafael Grampá's Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham #2

Captain America walking in the future 1
NYCC: Marvel Reveals Details of the Dark Future of Avengers: Twilight

Marvel released more details about Avengers: Twilight, a new series set in the future where Captain America must avenge the Age of Heroes

A promo for Blood Hunt 1
NYCC: Marvel Announces Vampire-Themed Crossover, 'Blood Hunt'

Marvel announces a companywide crossover, "Blood Hunt," that involves a massive vampire attack on the Marvel Universe

Three new Ultimate titles 1
NYCC: Marvel Announces Creative Teams for Ultimate Spider-Man, Black Panther and X-Men

Marvel announces the creative teams for three of its new Ultimate Universe titles - Ultimate Spider-Man, Black Panther and X-Men

X-Men Fall of House of X/Rise of Powers of X Marvel Promo Image 1
NYCC: Marvel Announces New X-Men Titles, Confirming End of Krakoa Era

Marvel has announced three new X-Men titles at New York Comic Con, officially confirming the end of the X-Men's Krakoan Age.

Grommets #1 Interior Page 1
NYCC: Rick Remender Teams With All-Star Artists To Launch Grommets Comic In 2024

Grommets is a coming-of-age story headlined by Rick Remender and an all-star lineup of talent that focuses on '80s skateboarding culture.

Harvey Awards website banner. 1
NYCC: 2023 Harvey Awards Winners Are Announced

The 2023 Harvey Awards ceremony honors its six award winners and the Hall of Fame inductees at New York Comic Con.

The Ed McGuiness drawn ThunderCats rocked Wildstorm in the '00s. 1
Warner Bros and Dynamite Comics Making New Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls Comic Series

The Thundercats and Powerpuff Girls are coming back through a new partnership with Dynamite Comics.

Moon Knight: City of the Dead #4 variant cover. 1
Moon Knight Just Killed the MCU's Most Dangerous God

Moon Knight slaughters the Marvel Cinematic Universe's deadliest god, and now there is no one left to stop his vengeance.

Superman over Metropolis in Action Comics 1
NYCC: Jason Aaron to Write DC's Superman in 2024

Longtime Avengers and Thor writer Jason Aaron will be writing a Superman arc in Action Comics beginning in January.

Nice Jewish Boys Cover Banner 1
First Look at Neil Kleid and John Broglia Team Up For Comixology's Nice Jewish Boys

Neil Kleid and John Broglia are releasing a Comixology original story about a Jewish true crime case.

Darkling by David Mack 1
EXCLUSIVE: Archie Shares a First Look at Darkling #1

In a CBR exclusive first look, Archie shares an early look at the debut issue of its revamp on a classic 1980s hero, Darkling

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