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Variant cover of Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1. 1
Godzilla Ruins Superman's Romantic Night in DC's New Comics This Week

The war between the Justice League, Godzilla and Kong kicks off in DC's new comics this week.

Batman holds a dying Robin in  1
DC Changes Robin’s Fate With An Alternate Version of Batman’s A Death in the Family

Jason Todd's fate is about to change in December when DC Comics releases an alternate version of the infamous "A Death in the Family."

Split image Doc Savage, Optimus Prime and Rocketeer 1
10 Indie Comic Heroes Who Could Join The Justice League

The Justice League are one of the greatest teams in comics. Throughout indie comics, there are many heroes who would make a great addition to the JLA.

A split image of Erik Larsen, Jim Lee, and Adam Kubert 1
10 Comic Book Artists Who Clearly Love What They Draw

Whether it's for Marvel, DC, or indie comics, there are so many talented comics artists in the industry, and many pour their heart onto the page.

Watchmen and Charlton Comics 1
Watchmen: Each Character's Charlton Comics Inspiration, Explained

Drawing inspiration from Charlton Comics characters, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons combined that with their own clever ideas to create Watchmen.

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Emperor Joker, Poison Ivy, and Omega Luthor 1
10 Weak DC Villains Who Went God Mode

DC's villains range in abilities from feeble scientists to literal gods. For some of the weaker foes, they once wielded god-like powers.

A split image of Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, Animal Man, and The Return of Bruce Wayne 1
10 Best Superhero Comeback Comics, Ranked

Comics from Marvel, DC, or otherwise are constantly getting rid of characters and bringing them back, and some of those comebacks are downright epic.

Superman and Flash running 1
Superman Vs. Flash: DC Officially Answers Who Wins in a Race

DC officially featured a definitive race between Superman and the Flash. For those wondering who's the fastest hero, the answer may surprise them.

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Split Images of Wonder Woman, Batman, Catwoman, Hawkgirl, and Red Hood 1
10 Biggest Double Standards In DC Comics

No hero is perfect, but the discrepancies between the treatment of heroes like Batman or Superman and Hawkgirl or Supergirl are too big to ignore.

Split image the Utopian, the Seven and Wildcats 1
10 Indie Comics Versions Of The Justice League

Indie comics have always looked to classic superheroes to inspire new creations. There are many indie counterparts for the Justice League.

A split image of Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero 1
Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero: Who Wins?

The time has come to answer the greatest question in comics — who wins, the mighty Marvel heroes or DC's dynamic warriors?

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Scooby Doo and  Spirit Of Vengeance 1
DC's Spirit Of Vengeance Was Once -- Scooby-Doo?

One fateful Halloween, Scooby-Doo joined the side of the ghouls and became DC Comics' new Spirit of Vengeance.

Cover A of Justice Society of America Gold #1 1
REVIEW: DC's Justice Society of America: Gold #1

The Justice Society of America's future looks bleak when a time-traveling enemy targets them, leaving Helena Wayne to pick up the fight alone.

Forgotten DC Comics Villains including Houngan, Dominus, and Indigo 1
10 DC Comics Villains You Didn’t Even Know Existed

The DC Universe is a treasure trove of untamed villainy, where the forgotten await new tales to be told.

mortal-kombat-dc-comics 1
Warner Bros. Reportedly Turned Down an Animated Mortal Kombat vs. DC Movie

Jeremy Adams, who has written several Mortal Kombat and DC animated films, reveals that Warner Bros. Animation rejected a pitch for a crossover movie.

Superman and Wonderwoman, Huntress and The Question, VIxen and Green Lantern 1
10 DC Romances We Wish Were Canon

DC Comics has introduced a number of romances that exist outside of the main universe that we absolutely wish were canon.

Split image Big Trouble in Little China/Escape NY, Power Rangers TMNT, Planet of the Apes 1
The Best BOOM! Studios Comic Crossovers, Ranked

Boom! Studios is one of the strongest publishers in indie comics. Like any great publisher, they've told some brilliant crossover stories.

Split image Doctor Occult, John Constantine and Joe Golem 1
10 Greatest Occult Detectives In Comics

Mysticism and the occult are a core part of the comic book industry. It only makes sense that a variety of heroes would specialize in the area.

Cover A of DC's Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun #1 1
REVIEW: DC's Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun #1

DC's Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun #1 has disturbing killers, Halloween dress-ups, and emotional storytelling - rolled into one anthology.

Vampire Batman and large fangs attack Batgirl in DC vs. Vampires 1
31 Days Of Halloween: DC Vs. Vampires

DC Comics readers will marvel at the imagery and intense sequences in DC vs. Vampires, combining the superhero and horror genres.

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