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Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #1 variant cover. 1
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man is On His Own in Marvel's New Comics This Week

No one in New York City remembers who Peter Parker is in Marvel's new comics this week.

A split image of mcu and comic book thanos 1
The MCU Held Thanos Back From His Ultimate Accomplishment In The Comics

Thanos once became one of Marvel's greatest galactic protectors, but pressure to conform him to his MCU version undid years of growth.

a split image of disney marvel comic covers 1
10 Best Marvel/Disney Variant Covers, Ranked

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Disney has released variant covers for iconic Marvel comics. Here's a list of the best and where to find them.

It's Jeff 1
Jeff the Land Shark's Adventures Continue on Marvel Unlimited

Marvel's Jeff the Land Shark is back for more adventures in Infinity Comic's It's Jeff #25, which drops on October 20.

A split image of Superman, Bruce Wayne mourning his parents, and Harley Quinn from DC Comics 1
10 DC Origin Tropes We're All Tired Of

Origins like being the last survivor of an alien planet or arriving from the future once felt exciting, but they've become too common in DC Comics.

Variant cover of Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #1. 1
Godzilla Ruins Superman's Romantic Night in DC's New Comics This Week

The war between the Justice League, Godzilla and Kong kicks off in DC's new comics this week.

Split image of Dan Mora and Simone Di Meo's art of Batman and Robin, respectively. 1
Every Robin & Why Batman Recruited Them (In Chronological Order)

From Dick Grayson to Tim Drake and Damian Wayne, several heroic characters have worked alongside Batman as the Boy Wonder over the years.

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split image: Kyle Rayner, Sinestro and Batman Dawnbreaker with Green Lantern rings 1
10 DC Villains Worthy Of Green Lantern Rings

Beyond DC's heroes, many comic villains like Sinestro and Harley Quinn have, or should have, worn Green Lantern power rings.

Xemnu returns in The Immortal Hulk 1
31 Days Of Halloween: Immortal Hulk #32: "Xemnu Returns"

The Immortal Hulk is best known for its body horror and supernatural ties, but Xemnu's return in Issue #32 cleverly subverts those tropes.

a split image of batman superman and sandman from across DC eras (1) 1
10 DC Eras A Batman Miniseries Should Revisit

Batman has changed a lot over the decades, and it's high time DC Comics took a trip down memory lane and revisited previous eras.

A split image of Storm, Magneto, and Uranos from Marvel Comics 1
The X-Men’s Latest Ally Also Killed Their Greatest Leader

The worst weapon ever used against Arrako just became Storm's latest powerhouse in the war against Genesis, but it might bring horrific consequences.

Indigenerds Cover Banner 1
EXCLUSIVE: Indigenerds Escapes Reality in 'Digital Eden'

A CBR exclusive preview from the Indigenerds anthology collection shows an Indigenous artist finding an escape from reality with a VR headset.

Darth Vader Comic Books-1 1
15 Best Darth Vader Comics In Marvel & Dark Horse, Ranked

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, and he has several excellent comic book storylines across Marvel and Dark Horse.

the eponymous heroes of marvels comics group fantastic four reading their own comic book 1
What Happened to Marvel’s Other Ultimate Universe?

The year 2000 saw the Ultimate Marvel Universe change comics forever, but it also introduced another different take on fans' favorite heroes.

split image: Doctor Doom holds his cape with hued images of Poison Ivy and Black Adam 1
10 DC Villains Doctor Doom Would Team Up With

Doctor Doom may have debuted as a Fantastic Four villain, but he threatens the entire Marvel Universe. Who would help him conquer DC Comics?

A split image of covers from Secret Empire 1
Is It Time To Re-Evaluate Secret Empire?

5 years later, Secret Empire remains one of Marvel's most controversial events... but does it deserve another evaluation?

Pops catering a Riverdale Halloween party 1
Archie Mondays: There Ain't No Party Like a Riverdale Halloween Party

In CBR's weekly Archie news and previews, we spotlight another Halloween-themed Archie Digest, and the Toybox of Terror!

The Adventure Zone The Suffering Game Cover 1
NYCC: The Adventure Zone's Darkest Comic Arc Yet Unveils Its Embattled Cover

The McElroys reveal the cover art for the upcoming comic adaptation of The Adventure Zone's harrowing Suffering Game arc at New York Comic Con.

Batman holds a dying Robin in  1
DC Changes Robin’s Fate With An Alternate Version of Batman’s A Death in the Family

Jason Todd's fate is about to change in December when DC Comics releases an alternate version of the infamous "A Death in the Family."

split: Matt Reeves Batman with greyscale Owlman and Court of Owls from DC Comics 1
10 Batman Villains Who Could Headline Their Own Comic After Penguin

Penguin stars in his own comic written by Tom King, but surely there are many other Batman villains who deserve their own comic title as well.

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