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A split image of Storm, Magneto, and Uranos from Marvel Comics 1
The X-Men’s Latest Ally Also Killed Their Greatest Leader

The worst weapon ever used against Arrako just became Storm's latest powerhouse in the war against Genesis, but it might bring horrific consequences.

Matthew Vaughn Says He Quit X-Men: The Last Stand Due to Studio Tricking Halle Berry

Matthew Vaughn says he was so upset over studio execs intentionally tricking Halle Berry to sign onto the film that he walked away from the project.

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Fall of X Has Nerfed One of the Deadliest (and Most Frightening) X-Men - But There's Hope

Magik's powers were significantly nerfed during the events of Fall of X, but there's still hope for the X-Men within the pages of Realm of X.

A split image of X Deaths of Wolverine, X-Men: The Hellfire Gala #1, and Wolverine (Vol 7) #30 1
10 Darkest X-Men Comics From The Krakoa Age

X-Men has been known to have some bleak arcs over the course of its history, but the Krakoa Era saw some of the franchise's darkest threads yet.

The Brood on Uncanny X men 1
31 Days Of Halloween: Uncanny X-Men #155

The X-Men have lived through some of Marvel's most horrifying stories, but the introduction of the Brood changed what theirs looked like forever.

A collage of Illyana Rasputin (aka Magik) in her Darkchilde form in Marvel Comics 1
One of Marvel's Most Dangerous X-Men Once Became Sorcerer Supreme - And it Was Terrifying

One of the most dangerous X-Men once replaced Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme and threatened the entire Marvel Multiverse.

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Captain Krakoa, Captain America, and Captain Hydra 1
Uncanny Avengers Resurrects One Member's Biggest Regret

Recent catastrophes have forced Captain America to reflect on Secret Empire, but that skeleton in his closet may hold the key to helping the X-Men.

Tony Stark and Emma Frost, now a married couple 1
EXCLUSIVE: What Happens Behind Closed Doors of Iron Man and Emma Frost's Honeymoon

See what happens between the closed doors of Tony Stark and Emma Frost's honeymoon in a CBR exclusive preview of Invincible Iron Man #11

a split image of 90s xmen characters including wolverine and nightcrawler 1
The X-Men In The ‘90s: Keeping The Lights On With Mutant Power

Thanks to their bold new direction and the creators behind them, the X-Men comics series of the '90s saved Marvel Comics from losing everything.

Loki Ke Huy Quan 1
Loki Season 2 Isn't Ke Huy Quan's First Experience With a Marvel Production

Ke Huy Quan has been a part of Marvel movies longer than most realize. In fact, he helped shape superhero action scenes all the way back in 2000.

A collage of Wolverine and Kitty Pryde in Days of Future Past and of chimeras in Powers of X 1
10 Best X-Men Time Travel Comics

From classics like Days of Future Past to modern epics like House of X/Powers of X, Marvel's X-Men franchise has excellent time travel comics.

Wanda Maximoff and Moira 1
10 Big Marvel Secrets That Were Justified

While lying is hard to justify, several Marvel Comics proved certain secrets are worth defending, especially when innocent lives are at stake.

Disney X-Men and Avengers 60th Anniversary Cover 1
Disney Celebrates the X-Men and Avengers' 60th Anniversary With What If...? Variant Covers

Mickey Mouse and friends will adorn the covers of Amazing Spider-Man comics in 2024 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of X-Men and Avengers.

X-Men #143 1
31 Days Of Halloween: X-Men #143 "Demon"

Thanks to talented creators like Chris Claremont and John Byrne, X-Men #143 "Demon" still thrills readers with its take on classic horror plots.

Firestar in the Fall of X 1
How Firestar Became One of the Most Important Heroes in Current Marvel Comics

In a genuinely unexpected and clever way, Firestar has somehow become one of the most important heroes in the current phase of Marvel Comics.

Exodus leads the lost mutants into the desert 1
Immortal X-Men Reveals Where the Missing Krakoan Mutants Are Trapped

In this week's Immortal X-Men, Marvel reveals just where the vast majority of the missing Krakoan mutants have been trapped during the Fall of X

Magneto and Xavier in front of clashing X men and Avengers 1
10 Most Important Pieces Of X-Men Lore New Readers Need to Know

X-Men's history is complex, but understanding a few key events will help new fans appreciate Marvel's greatest team.

rictor and shatterstar back to back in front of visages of longshot and dazzler 1
A Classic Mutant Superhero Has Marvel’s Most Bizarre Origin Story

One of the most underrated mutant heroes also has Marvel Comics' most bizarre backstory, although that's no reason for him to be so obscure.

Cyclops has his eyes sewed shut 1
Marvel Reveals the Fate of Two X-Men During Fall of X

During the Fall of X, a number of X-Men have been lost, and feared dead. In this week's issue of X-Men, the fate of two X-Men were revealed

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for Deadpool 3 and Wolverine as seen in Marvel comics 1
Wolverine Not Being Part of the Rebooted X-Men Is a Good Thing

Wolverine not being part of the MCU’s reboot of the X-Men does justice to his legacy and it allows other members like Storm and Cyclops to stand out.

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