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10 DC Villains Doctor Doom Would Team Up With

Doctor Doom may have debuted as a Fantastic Four villain, but he threatens the entire Marvel Universe. Who would help him conquer DC Comics?

Loki, Electro and Thanos 1
10 Most Common Supervillain Powers

Supervillains have mastery over a wide variety of skills and abilities. Some of these are more common than others, creating some powerful foes.

A split image of Maximus the Mad, Doctor Doom, and Kang The Conqueror 1
10 Marvel Villains Who Should Be Heroes

If Marvel villains like Doctor Doom or Kang the Conqueror used their powers for good, they could be mighty heroes greater than the Avengers.

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10 Villain Mash-Ups We Want To See After SuperBat From World's Finest

World's Finest showcased a great merger between Superman and Batman in SuperBat, and many DC and Marvel villains would benefit from similar fusions.

A split image of Marvel Villains Nimrod (comics), Thanos (MCU), and Mister Sinister (comics) 1
20 Most Powerful Marvel Villains And Their Greatest Weaknesses

Marvel Comics is the home for many of fiction's strongest villains. However, even baddies like Galactus and Kang have their soft underbellies.

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The 20 Most Important Marvel Villains, Ranked

Marvel's biggest villains are just as important as the heroes, and the comics simply wouldn't be as epic without them.

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How Doctor Doom Reached His Most Powerful Form

Doctor Doom has wielded the power cosmic and bested the Fantastic Four, but that pales in comparison to the time he became God Emperor Doom.

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10 Most Important Pieces Of Fantastic Four Lore New Readers Need to Know

The Fantastic Four launched Marvel's Silver Age, spawning decades of incredible comic lore revolving around this cosmic group of explorers.

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10 Villains Marvel Nailed From The Beginning

Thanks to the creatives behind their comic debut, Marvel villains like Doctor Doom and Thanos quickly established themselves as formidable threats.

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Marvel's Fantastic Four Versus DC's Terrifics — How Similar Are They?

DC Comics has a history of borrowing ideas from Marvel and vice versa. In the Terrifics, DC created the perfect analog for the Fantastic Four.

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10 Best Scientific Upgrades Used By Marvel Characters

Marvel characters, from Avengers like Iron Man to villains like Doctor Doom, utilize sci-fi technology to enhance their already impressive powers.

Fantastic Four's Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics 1
Doctor Doom Is the Villain to Take the MCU to the Next Level

Doctor Doom can re-energize the MCU by introducing darker storylines and provide another major villain for audiences to root against after Kang.

Cillian-Murphy-Doctor-Doom-1 1
Cillian Murphy Comments on Potentially Playing Doctor Doom

Cillian Murphy, who previously played Scarecrow in the Dark Knight trilogy, reveals whether or not he would want to play another villain: Doctor Doom.

Spider-man and Venom face to face, Spider-Man and Loki eating hot dogs on a roof top 1
10 Best Spider-Man Team-Ups With Villains

Certain dire events in Marvel Comics have forced Spider-Man to team up with his worst villains, from Venom to Green Goblin, to stop a greater threat.

doctor doom shifting into a new form wielding the venom symbiote on the cover of venom lethal protector 5 1
A Classic Marvel Villain is Out to Become the Next King in Black

One of Marvel's most dangerous villains has his sights set on becoming the next King in Black, and it proves just how weak he truly is.

Doctor Doom's X-Men: Doom at the center with different mutants in front of him in Marvel Comics 1
SDCC: Doctor Doom Gets His Own X-Men Team

Fantastic Four archenemy Doctor Doom is getting his own X-Men team in an upcoming issue of Gerry Duggan and Joshua Cassara's run.

Doctor Doom reigns supreme on his throne in Marvel Comics. 1
Doctor Doom Is One Of Marvel's Greatest Villains – But He's Also The Pettiest

Doctor Doom may be one of Marvel's greatest villains but that comes with the kind of hubris and pettiness he'd never forgive in anyone else.

Split image of Carnage, Kingpin and Doctor Doom feature 1
10 Marvel Villains With Multiple Arch-Enemies

The concept of an arch-nemesis is a key, successful trope in Marvel Comics, but villains like Kingpin and Norman Osborn have more than one major foe.

Split image of Thanos, Norman Osborn and Loki feature 1
10 Best Avengers Team-Ups With Villains

The Avengers have formed many uneasy alliances, occasionally with villains like Thanos and Loki to defeat a mutually dangerous enemy.

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10 Greatest Marvel Threats Captain Marvel Has Faced

Captain Marvel is a mainstay of Marvel Comics, battling significant threats from Thanos to Doctor Doom which pushed her to her limits.

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