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Cole spends most of his free time reading comics and fantasy novels, or watching TV and movies. If there's capes and superpowers involved, he's interested. He will forever debate which fictional characters would win in hypothetical fights, no matter how detrimental to his social life.

split image: Kyle Rayner, Sinestro and Batman Dawnbreaker with Green Lantern rings 1
10 DC Villains Worthy Of Green Lantern Rings

Beyond DC's heroes, many comic villains like Sinestro and Harley Quinn have, or should have, worn Green Lantern power rings.

split image: Doctor Doom holds his cape with hued images of Poison Ivy and Black Adam 1
10 DC Villains Doctor Doom Would Team Up With

Doctor Doom may have debuted as a Fantastic Four villain, but he threatens the entire Marvel Universe. Who would help him conquer DC Comics?

split: Matt Reeves Batman with greyscale Owlman and Court of Owls from DC Comics 1
10 Batman Villains Who Could Headline Their Own Comic After Penguin

Penguin stars in his own comic written by Tom King, but surely there are many other Batman villains who deserve their own comic title as well.

Batman and Superman with Elseworlds Gotham by Gaslight and Speeding Bullets 1
10 Elseworlds The World’s Finest Should Revisit After Kingdom Come

Batman and Superman journey to the Kingdom Come universe in the World's Finest comic - but which Elseworlds should they visit next?

split image: Flash Family on Cosmic Treadmill, Grant Gustin Flash and Wally West vs Lord Superman 1
10 Best Flash Multiverse Adventures

Some of the best Flash adventures involve Barry Allen, Wally West or any speedster traveling the multiverse, battling threats like Reverse Flash.

split image: You've Been Canceled, Monomyth and Don't Spit in the Wind comic covers 1
10 Best Mad Cave Studios Comics, Ranked

While DC and Marvel focus on superheroes, Mad Cave Studios tackles every other genre, producing fantastic sci-fi, fantasy and horror comics.

split image: Spider-Island, Carnage over New York and Spider-Man vs Sinister Six clones 1
10 Best Spider-Man Events That Involved All Of New York City, Ranked

New York houses most of Marvel's Avengers, and some of the best Spider-Man comics involve many of those heroes or the entire city itself.

split image: Geiger, Fade Out and Chrononauts comic covers 1
10 Best Image Comics Miniseries, Ranked

Image publishes incredible miniseries and limited comic runs that delve into worlds far beyond Marvel and DC's superhero landscapes.

split image: Human Torch and Thing, the Fantastic Four team and Spider-Man with Future Foundation 1
10 Best Fantastic Four Team-Up Comics, Ranked

The Fantastic Four are cosmic explorers, and their adventures lead them across the Marvel Universe, teaming up with Avengers and Inhumans.

Spider-Man 2099 meets Amazing Spider-Man and teams up with Wolverine 1
10 Best Spider-Man Time Travel Comics

Spider-Man may be a friendly neighborhood hero, but he also frequently travels through time, teaming up with Spider-Man 2099 and even Wolverine.

split image: Modern Reverse Flash and Captain Cold as Silver Age Flash runs 1
10 Upgrades From Villains That The Flash Could Use

The Flash can harness the Speed Force and travel through time, but upgrades from his greatest villains could enhance his powers even further.

split image: Spectacular Spider-Man animated series Scorpion and Carnage from Marvel comics 1
10 Marvel Comics That Spectacular Spider-Man Season 3 Could Have Adapted

The beloved Spectacular Spider-Man animated series could have adapted these comics starring Hobgoblin and Carnage had they made a third season.

Barry Allen dies in Crisis on Infinite Earth and Grant Gustin from the Flash TV show 1
10 Best Bronze Age Flash Comics

During DC's Bronze Age, from 1970 to 1985, Barry Allen battled the Reverse-Flash and saved the multiverse, paving the way for a new Flash.

New 52 Flash and Professor Zoom, and Wally West runs with Linda Park on his back 1
10 Best Flash Annuals, Ranked

Every year, DC publishes annual comics that celebrate a character's current run and/or history, and the Flash has starred in some fantastic annuals.

split image: Darth Vader unmasked, Star Wars Infinities and red knights in Legacy comic 1
10 Best Star Wars Comics For Non-Star Wars Fans

For readers uninterested in the Star Wars movies and shows, Dark Horse and Marvel offer plenty of strange and wonderful comic alternatives.

split image of Silver Surfer, Dr Manhattan, and Darkseid with cosmic power 1
25 Characters Who Could Take Down Dr. Manhattan

Watchmen claims Dr. Manhattan might be the most powerful character in existence, but godlike heroes and villains from Marvel and DC say otherwise.

Flash of Two Worlds with Barry Allen and Jay Garrick, and Batman with the Watchmen button 1
10 Best Flash Team-Up Comics, Ranked

Through his many travels across time and the multiverse, Barry Allen has teamed up with DC's best heroes and even other versions of the Flash.

Superior Spider-Man and Back in Black Spider-Man in Marvel Comics 1
10 Best Spider-Man Comics For Non-Spider-Man Fans

Spider-Man comics that explore alternate Marvel universes, or present new takes on Peter Parker's world, are perfect for non-Spidey fans.

Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire Wonder Woman, Blue Lantern Flash from Blackest Night 1
10 Best New Lanterns From Blackest Night

Green Lantern and the Justice League battled the undead Black Lantern Corps, but Blackest Night also introduced some other Lantern members.

A split image of Spider-Veres, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, and Spider-Man Life Story covers 1
20 Spider-Man Runs Every Fan Should Read

The best Spider-Man runs enrich his ongoing story, introduce amazing new characters like Miles Morales, and keep fans hooked on every page.

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