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10 DC Eras A Batman Miniseries Should Revisit

Batman has changed a lot over the decades, and it's high time DC Comics took a trip down memory lane and revisited previous eras.

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10 Indie Comic Heroes Who Could Join The Justice League

The Justice League are one of the greatest teams in comics. Throughout indie comics, there are many heroes who would make a great addition to the JLA.

Emperor Joker, Poison Ivy, and Omega Luthor 1
10 Weak DC Villains Who Went God Mode

DC's villains range in abilities from feeble scientists to literal gods. For some of the weaker foes, they once wielded god-like powers.

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Nicolas Cage Once Starred In a Forgotten (And Doomed) Top Gun Clone

In 1990, Nicolas Cage starred in an obscure helicopter-themed Top Gun clone. The movie's missed everything that made Top Gun work.

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10 Indie Comics Versions Of The Justice League

Indie comics have always looked to classic superheroes to inspire new creations. There are many indie counterparts for the Justice League.

Scooby Doo and  Spirit Of Vengeance 1
DC's Spirit Of Vengeance Was Once -- Scooby-Doo?

One fateful Halloween, Scooby-Doo joined the side of the ghouls and became DC Comics' new Spirit of Vengeance.

Indiana Jones and The Batman 1
What's The Difference Between A Pulp Hero And A Superhero?

Thanks to their distinct character designs and thrilling adventures, pulp heroes continue to set themselves apart from the superhero competition.

Hidden Gem Horror Movies, split image of Hush, Splinter, and Daybreakers 1
15 Great Hidden Gem Horror Movies, Ranked

With so many scary movies available, some of the most terrifying films fly under the radar only to become hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

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10 Comic Book Movies That Don't Have Sequels

Comic books have inspired some of the most successful films in modern Hollywood. However, some of these will never receive a sequel.

Wolverine and WItchblade, Spawn and Wildcats, Hellboy and Savage Dragon 1
10 Best Image Comic Crossovers, Ranked

From Batman/Spawn to Big Game, Image Comics' best crossovers celebrate their iconic heroes while bringing in familiar faces from Marvel and DC Comics.

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The Biggest Traitors in Batman Comics

Batman has been around for almost 90 years, and has racked up a huge supporting cast. It's no surprise the hero knows what it's like to be betrayed.

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10 Best MignolaVerse Comics (That Aren't Hellboy)

The Hellboy universe is home to one of the greatest heroes in indie comics. However, there are plenty of great stories without Big Red.

Split image Big Trouble in Little China/Escape NY, Power Rangers TMNT, Planet of the Apes 1
The Best BOOM! Studios Comic Crossovers, Ranked

Boom! Studios is one of the strongest publishers in indie comics. Like any great publisher, they've told some brilliant crossover stories.

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10 Greatest Occult Detectives In Comics

Mysticism and the occult are a core part of the comic book industry. It only makes sense that a variety of heroes would specialize in the area.

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10 Best Dark Horse Heroes, Ranked

Dark Horse has long been a fan-favorite indie comics publisher, thanks in large part to its dynamic range of heroes who transcend genres.

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10 Most Powerful Weapons Used In Batman Comics, Ranked

Batman's history has been full of characters who use a variety of weaponry to fulfil their goals. Some of these are especially dangerous.

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10 Best Magical Upgrades Used By DC Characters

Magic has played an integral role in DC Comics since the Golden Age. Many characters use mystical upgrades to gain the power they need.

Loki, Electro and Thanos 1
10 Most Common Supervillain Powers

Supervillains have mastery over a wide variety of skills and abilities. Some of these are more common than others, creating some powerful foes.

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Batman's Most Ridiculous Wars, Ranked

Since his creation, Batman has had some of the best fights in comics. However, even the best of these wars can also be incredibly absurd.

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10 Most Common Superhero Powers

Superheroes have made comics great through mastery of some incredible powers. Some of these abilities are very common among heroes.

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