Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #1 variant cover. 1
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man is On His Own in Marvel's New Comics This Week

No one in New York City remembers who Peter Parker is in Marvel's new comics this week.

A split image of mcu and comic book thanos 1
The MCU Held Thanos Back From His Ultimate Accomplishment In The Comics

Thanos once became one of Marvel's greatest galactic protectors, but pressure to conform him to his MCU version undid years of growth.

A split image of Superman, Bruce Wayne mourning his parents, and Harley Quinn from DC Comics 1
10 DC Origin Tropes We're All Tired Of

Origins like being the last survivor of an alien planet or arriving from the future once felt exciting, but they've become too common in DC Comics.

Xemnu returns in The Immortal Hulk 1
31 Days Of Halloween: Immortal Hulk #32: "Xemnu Returns"

The Immortal Hulk is best known for its body horror and supernatural ties, but Xemnu's return in Issue #32 cleverly subverts those tropes.

A split image of covers from Secret Empire 1
Is It Time To Re-Evaluate Secret Empire?

5 years later, Secret Empire remains one of Marvel's most controversial events... but does it deserve another evaluation?

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NYCC: Jeff the Land Shark Unites With Marvel's Other Animals for Infinity Paws

Infinity Comics' Infinity Paws will feature Marvel's Fan-favorite animal characters in a crossover for the ages.

Vote Loki 2016 1
How Vote Loki Became The God of Mischief's Best Comic

Satirical, playful, and funny, Vote Loki is the perfect vehicle for Marvel’s much-loved trickster, providing a timely and relevant tale.

Spider man and Spider Boy Swinging, Death of Venomverse, and Spider Man Miles Morales-1 1
Every Spider-Man Comic Currently Running (& Their Most Recent Issue)

From the amazing Spider-Man to the lethal Venom, Marvel Comics releases new and exciting Spider-Man comics every month.

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A split image of Green Lantern Corps: Recharge, Animal Man, and The Return of Bruce Wayne 1
10 Best Superhero Comeback Comics, Ranked

Comics from Marvel, DC, or otherwise are constantly getting rid of characters and bringing them back, and some of those comebacks are downright epic.

A split image of Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero 1
Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero: Who Wins?

The time has come to answer the greatest question in comics — who wins, the mighty Marvel heroes or DC's dynamic warriors?

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Jedi Kelleran Beq (Ahmed Best) holds a green lightsaber on a poster for The Mandalorian Season 3. 1
Star Wars Actor Ahmed Best Is 'Manifesting' a Marvel Superhero Role

Sharing some fan art of himself in the role, Ahmed Best says he's manifesting his casting as a certain superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Stan Lee and the NHL Guardians 1
The NHL’s Guardian Project is Stan Lee’s Strangest Legacy

Stan Lee led numerous controversial projects in the early 2000s, but none were as strange as his collaboration with the National Hockey League.

Captain Krakoa, Captain America, and Captain Hydra 1
Uncanny Avengers Resurrects One Member's Biggest Regret

Recent catastrophes have forced Captain America to reflect on Secret Empire, but that skeleton in his closet may hold the key to helping the X-Men.

The Avengers members 1
10 Most Important Pieces Of Avengers Lore New Readers Need to Know

From the Avengers' greatest victories to their hidden secrets, there are important facts every Marvel fan should know about Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

a split image of 90s xmen characters including wolverine and nightcrawler 1
The X-Men In The ‘90s: Keeping The Lights On With Mutant Power

Thanks to their bold new direction and the creators behind them, the X-Men comics series of the '90s saved Marvel Comics from losing everything.

An assortment of notable #10 issues 1
Top Ten Most Historic Comic Book #10 Issues

For 10/10, CSBG counts down the ten most historic comic book #10 issues (plus way too many honorable mentions)

Disney X-Men and Avengers 60th Anniversary Cover 1
Disney Celebrates the X-Men and Avengers' 60th Anniversary With What If...? Variant Covers

Mickey Mouse and friends will adorn the covers of Amazing Spider-Man comics in 2024 to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of X-Men and Avengers.

Marvel's Captain America 1
Captain America Transforms into a Werewolf in Marvel's New Comics This Week

Captain America's werewolf form returns just in time for the Halloween season in Marvel's new comics this week.

X-Men #143 1
31 Days Of Halloween: X-Men #143 "Demon"

Thanks to talented creators like Chris Claremont and John Byrne, X-Men #143 "Demon" still thrills readers with its take on classic horror plots.

Loki, Electro and Thanos 1
10 Most Common Supervillain Powers

Supervillains have mastery over a wide variety of skills and abilities. Some of these are more common than others, creating some powerful foes.

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