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15 Best Darth Vader Comics In Marvel & Dark Horse, Ranked

Darth Vader is one of the most iconic characters in Star Wars, and he has several excellent comic book storylines across Marvel and Dark Horse.

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The Last Shot of the Ahsoka Finale Is Not Fan Service

Some critics of the Ahsoka series on Disney+ say the show relied too much on fan service, especially in the last shot of the finale. That's not true.

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Star Wars: A Dark Side Cult Proved The Sith Are Vital To The Galaxy's Survival

Recent Star Wars media has illustrated just how vital the Sith are to the galaxy through the actions of a dark side cult.

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The Clone Wars’ Most Devious Droid Squadron Is Making A Comeback

With a new threat stirring in the Star Wars galaxy, the newly reformed D-Squad is proving just how important droids are to the franchise.

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10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve A Black, White & Red Marvel Comic

Marvel's Black, White, and Red comics are artistically stunning and narratively dee, and these Star Wars characters would benefit from the format.

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How a Mysterious Star Wars Villain Proved The Franchise Needs to Move on From The Force

The mysterious Doctor Cylo's vision of a galaxy that had moved beyond the Force could change the face of the Star Wars universe forever.

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Why Emperor Palpatine Needs His Own Star Wars Comic

Emperor Palpatine is at the center of the Star Wars galaxy, master to Darth Vader, and the Sith Lord deserves a comic book series of his own.

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How Darth Vader Has Changed In Star Wars Comics

Since 1977, Marvel and Dark Horse have done a lot with Vader's character in the comics, making him more empathetic and interesting than ever before.

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Darth Vader is About to Become Star Wars’ Darkest Villain for a Whole New Reason

Star Wars: Dark Droids has made Darth Vader dangerous for a whole new reason, and it could have major implications for the franchise's future.

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Star Wars: Dark Droids Reveals a Dangerous Secret About the Force

Star Wars: Dark Droids just established a dangerous new precedent for the Force that could change the franchise's future, and Darth Vader's fate.

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Star Wars Confirmed One Jedi Is WAY More Powerful Than Darth Vader

Forcing the Sith Lord to his knees, one Jedi Master proved himself significantly more powerful than Darth Vader in a 2017 Star Wars comic.

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10 Best Darth Vader Quotes in the Star Wars Franchise

Darth Vader is one of the most menacing villains in all of cinema--these are the Sith Lord's most menacing and most memorable quotes of all time.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Dark Droids Try to Access the Force by Targeting Darth Vader

Darth Vader's ability to access the Force is sought by the Dark Droid rebellion in the CBR exclusive preview of next week's Star Wars: Darth Vader #37

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Star Wars: Darth Vader Had a Good Reason Not To Wipe Out the Tusken Raiders

Anakin Skywalker notably hated sand and Sand People, but as Darth Vader, he never sought further revenge on the Tusken Raiders for his mother's death.

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Star Wars Confirms Darth Vader's Shocking Connection to the Rebellion

Star Wars: Darth Vader - Black, White & Red #3 reveals Vader had a link to the Rebellion but it's one that he didn't fully use to his benefit.

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Marvel's Star Wars Comics Are Keeping A Darth Vader Problem Alive

Star Wars: Darth Vader -- Black, White and Red #3 has continued to develop a major problem when it comes to Vader's inconsistent Force-powers.

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Star Wars Doubles Down On Why the Empire Needed the Rebels

Star Wars: Darth Vader - Black, White & Red #3 reveals a shocking reason the Empire didn't make a bigger attempt to murder more of the rebels.

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Star Wars Reconciles Darth Vader With a Sinister Enemy – But It's Bound to Backfire

Star Wars: Darth Vader #35 has Vader partnering with an old enemy out of necessity but he's shooting himself in the foot by doing so once more.

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10 Best Star Wars Omnibus Comics

Star Wars has several excellent omnibus comic volumes collecting the franchise's expanded mythos, starring Darth Vader, High Republic heroes and more.

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Star Wars Has Revealed Why Palpatine Really Wanted to Replace Darth Vader

Emperor Palpatine was a true Sith in that he constantly tested Darth Vader. However, in Darth Vader #35, he was ready to replace the Dark Lord.

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