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EXCLUSIVE: Indigenerds Escapes Reality in 'Digital Eden'

A CBR exclusive preview from the Indigenerds anthology collection shows an Indigenous artist finding an escape from reality with a VR headset.

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10 Indie Comic Heroes Who Could Join The Justice League

The Justice League are one of the greatest teams in comics. Throughout indie comics, there are many heroes who would make a great addition to the JLA.

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10 Comic Book Artists Who Clearly Love What They Draw

Whether it's for Marvel, DC, or indie comics, there are so many talented comics artists in the industry, and many pour their heart onto the page.

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10 Best Superhero Comeback Comics, Ranked

Comics from Marvel, DC, or otherwise are constantly getting rid of characters and bringing them back, and some of those comebacks are downright epic.

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Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero: Who Wins?

The time has come to answer the greatest question in comics — who wins, the mighty Marvel heroes or DC's dynamic warriors?

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What's The Difference Between A Pulp Hero And A Superhero?

Thanks to their distinct character designs and thrilling adventures, pulp heroes continue to set themselves apart from the superhero competition.

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15 Reasons Hobbes is Actually the Star of Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes are one of the most famous comic strip duos of all time, but there are many ways Hobbes proves himself more worthy of the spotlight.

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What is Calvin and Hobbes Creator's Book, "The Mysteries?"

Crafting a dark fantasy for grown-ups, Calvin and Hobbes' creator Bill Watterson publishes an exciting new book "The Mysteries" alongside John Kascht.

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Best Graphic Novels To Read

Although some people only gravitate to the superhero genre, comics have something for everyone, which is well-demonstrated by graphic novels.

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15 Obscure Marvel Characters That Deserve Their Own Movie 1
30 Obscure Marvel Characters Who Deserve Their Own Movie

While most MCU fans haven't heard of them before, obscure Marvel characters like Moondragon and Fantomex have plenty to offer.

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10 Comic Book Grudge Matches We Need After Predator Vs Wolverine

Predator vs. Wolverine is showcasing the value of an excellent comic book grudge match, and many other significant battles deserve their own story.

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A Guide To Reading 90s Comics: Extreme Style, Edge, And The Dark Age

Is there more to the 1990's than ridiculous outfits, extreme attitude, and bad marketing or is it truly comics worst decade of all time?

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20 Superpowers That Would Turn Anyone Into A Villain

Fans have seen more than one powerset tempt even heroes like Superman into villainy. Even powers like invisibility can corrupt the kindest heroes.

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25 Characters Who Could Take Down Dr. Manhattan

Watchmen claims Dr. Manhattan might be the most powerful character in existence, but godlike heroes and villains from Marvel and DC say otherwise.

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DSTLRY Announces Comic From Harley Quinn Artist Mirka Andolfo

Harley Quinn artist, Mirka Andolfo, is collaborating with DSTLRY for The Devil's Cut follow-up series, Blasfamous.

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INTERVIEW: Lawrence Lindell's 'Blackward' Talks Comics, Being Prolific, and Using the Comic Language to Uncover New Things

Out now, Lawrence Lindell's Blackward is a story about a group of queer, Black teens who call themselves The Section, and the trials they face.

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The 25 Richest Superheroes, Ranked By Wealth

DC and Marvel's wealthiest heroes have an abundance of resources at their disposal, which they generally use to help them in their heroic duties.

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Who Was The First Supervillain In Marvel Comics?

Defining Marvel's first supervillain depends on how comic book readers understand the term itself.

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Every Character Who Was Captain Marvel Before Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers has been Marvel's Captain Marvel for years now, but she's not the only hero at Marvel Comics to be a part of the Mar-Vell legacy.

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10 Darkest Ultimate Marvel Comics, Ranked

The Ultimate Universe was known for its more cynical, less "heroic" tone, and some comic books took this to a dark, gloomy, and violent extreme.

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