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One Piece

Created by
Eiichiro Oda
First TV Show
One Piece
First Episode Air Date
October 20, 1999
Mayumi Tanaka , Kazuya Nakai , Colleen Clinkenbeard , Christopher Sabat , Kerry Williams , Kappei Yamaguchi , Sonny Strait , Hiroaki Hirata , Eric Valette , Ikue Ootani


Nico Robin Using Mil Fleur Against Fishmen in One Piece. 1
One Piece: Nico Robin's Devil Fruit Abilities, Explained

Nico Robin is a Straw Hat pirate and an exceptional fighter on top of being a genius. There's plenty more to learn about her unusual Devil Fruit.

Luffy D Monkey holding his straw hat, his chest scar exposed 1
One Piece: The Brutal Origins of Luffy’s Infamous X Scar

Monkey D. Luffy's infamous scars are a part of who he is — but when did he Luffy get the scar on his chest and who gave it to him?

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conniving anime villains like sosuke aizen, askeladd, and kisaki tetta 1
10 Most Conniving Anime Villains

Some anime villains rely on brute strength, but others like Berserk's Griffith and MHA's All For One use crafty planning and dishonest methods

One Piece's Crocodile chewing a cigar 1
One Piece's Silliest Theory Claims Crocodile Is Luffy's Mother

One of One Piece's most baffling fan theories could have some legitimacy behind it, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

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30 Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time, Ranked 1
50 Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time, Ranked

Anime is full of strong characters, but some - like Goku, All Might, and Luffy - stand out as some of the most powerful anime characters.

On the left, an illustration depicts Luffy talking to Momonosuke in his dragon form. In the middle, a young Momonosuke is shown crying and holding his fists to his sides. On the right is an illustration of an older Momonusuke. 1
One Piece: The Powers and Abilities of Kozuki Momonosuke, Explained

Momo's introduction and powers in One Piece have always been underwhelming. However, he may prove to be the strongest ally of the Straw Hats.

One Piece Luffy Confused 1
Luffy Vs. Gol D. Roger: One Piece's Most Mysterious Relationship, Explained

One Piece's Luffy and Gol D. Roger have some pretty remarkable similarities and a very, very complicated relationship.

split Images of Jujutsu Kaisen, Jojo's Bizzare adventure, Dragon Ball, Chainsaw man and One Piece 1
10 Best Non-Magical Magic Systems In Anime

Although powers like JJBA's Stands, JJK's Cursed Energy, and DBZ's ki seem like magic, they actually don't use magic in the traditional sense.

A split image of iconic fights from one piece naruto and bleach 1
10 Big Three Anime Fight Scenes That Set The Bar Too High

"The Big Three" has memorable battles like Luffy vs. Rob Lucci and Naruto vs Pain that showcase impressive animation and iconic moments.

Shonen Jump Issue 45, 2023 Cover One Piece Luffy Kizaru 1
One Piece: Luffy Vs Kizaru End Result

Luffy and Kizaru's fight is over – for now. This highly anticipated battle both defied and met fan expectations in different ways.

The Best Anime Of All Time 1
40 Best Anime Of All Time

While anime quality can be subjective, most fans agree that the likes of FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and One Piece rank among the best.

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Monkey D Dragon One Piece Title 1
One Piece: Everything You Need To Know About Monkey D. Dragon

Monkey D. Dragon is one of One Piece's most mysterious characters, but he is crucial to Monkey D. Luffy's character—and One Piece's endgame.

One Piece' Jaygarcia Saturn and Jewelry Bonney 1
One Piece Theory: Jewelry Bonney vs St. Jaygarcia Saturn

Jewelry Bonney has a unique way of influencing the coming battle with the Godhead of Science and Defense. However, it could also make things harder.

One Piece Chapter 1094 1
One Piece Chapter 1094's Potential New Power System

Chapter 1094 may have introduced either magic or a new system of powers for Devil Fruit users. Whatever it is could change the story forever.

A collage of characters from Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, and One Punch Man 1
The 25 Most Popular Anime Of All Time (According To MyAnimeList)

It's hard to choose which anime is the best, thankfully MyAnimeList shows which series fans love the most.

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A One Piece still shows Luffy laughing, while positioned next to the Gum-Gum Devil Fruit 1
One Piece: The True Nature of Luffy's Devil Fruit, Explained

One Piece Chapter 1044 reveals that essentially everything fans thought they knew about the Gum-Gum fruit is wrong, including its name.

A collage of some of Usopp's lies including pirate Captain Kuro, a 30 Million Bounty, and a Giant Goldfish 1
Every Usopp Lie In One Piece (And If They've Come True Yet)

In the anime One Piece, Usopp's lies are to be expected, but some come across as more like prophecies.

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Eiichiro Oda and One Piece manga panels featuring Luffy 1
10 Things You Didn't Know About Eiichiro Oda, The Creator Of One Piece

Due to the beloved One Piece, Eiichiro Oda is a household name in the anime and manga community, but fans still have much to learn about this mangaka.

A collage of Straw Hat Pirates Nico Robin and Zoro from the One Piece anime 1
Every Straw Hat Pirate, Ranked According To Strength

The Straw Hat Pirates have come a long way, and are all pretty strong in their own right. However, some are way stronger than others.

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Saint Jaygarcia Saturn 1
One Piece: Saturn's Devil Fruit Form, Confirmed

St. Jaygarcia's silhouetted form in Chapter 1085 of One Piece has been confirmed, which may hint at his powers and those of his fellow Elders.

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