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Born in New Jersey and raised in Florida, Casey Lawrence started working as a freelance web content editor and writer for CAL Design Group in 2014. Over the next 8 years, she accepted additional side projects that allowed her to further hone her skills. In 2022, she joined the writing and editorial teams at CBR. If she had extra hours in the week, they would be devoted to family, rock climbing, and reading both novels and comics.

Spider man and Spider Boy Swinging, Death of Venomverse, and Spider Man Miles Morales-1 1
Every Spider-Man Comic Currently Running (& Their Most Recent Issue)

From the amazing Spider-Man to the lethal Venom, Marvel Comics releases new and exciting Spider-Man comics every month.

A split image of Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero 1
Every Marvel Hero Vs. Every DC Hero: Who Wins?

The time has come to answer the greatest question in comics — who wins, the mighty Marvel heroes or DC's dynamic warriors?

A collage of characters from Hunter X Hunter, Death Note, and One Punch Man 1
The 25 Most Popular Anime Of All Time (According To MyAnimeList)

It's hard to choose which anime is the best, thankfully MyAnimeList shows which series fans love the most.

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15 Best Zoro Outfits In One Piece

Although Zoro's green-haired grit is ever-present, his aesthetic has changed alongside some of the best outfits seen in One Piece.

X-Men Comics Running 1
Every X-Men Comic Currently Running (& Their Most Recent Issue)

From Marvel's main X-Men comics to Fall of X tie-ins, and limited series, every month offers dozens of adventures for new and dedicated fans to enjoy.

Satoru's 10 Best Quotes In Jujutsu Kaisen 1
Satoru Gojo's 20 Best Quotes In Jujutsu Kaisen

Throughout Jujutsu Kaisen, Satoru Gojo has delivered just as many hilarious one-liners as he has thought-provoking sentiments.

split image of the Green Mighty Morphin Ranger and Red Power Rangers 1
The 25 Strongest Power Rangers In The Franchise, Ranked

Everyone has their favorite rangers from across the Power Rangers franchise, but they'll always remember powerful Rangers like Tommy Oliver.

A split image of Sneasel and Rockruff from the Pokemon anime 1
Every Pokémon That Only Evolves At Night

The world of Pokémon thrives on different evolution types. Adding variety to the gameplay, several Pokémon only evolve at night.

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30 Powerful Isekai Anime Characters, Ranked

Isekai characters like Dr. Stone's Senku Ishigami and SAO's Kirito are extremely overpowered, making them fearsome forces in their new worlds.

Marvel's 20 Most Powerful Celestials, Ranked 1
Marvel's 30 Most Powerful Celestials, Ranked

Capable of bringing life and destruction, the Celestials' individual feats reveal the vast might they wield and their most powerful member.

Tony Soprano in the foreground with the other characters in the background 1
The Sopranos: Every Main Character's Fate At The End Of The Series

The Sopranos might have been one of the best series on TV, but after six seasons, it can be hard to keep track of what happened to each character.

Ezra Miller as Flash with DC Speedsters from the comics in the background 1
The Fastest Speedsters In DC Comics, Ranked

As new speedsters debut and established speedsters push themselves to new levels, there are always fierce contenders for the mantle, "Fastest Alive."

10 Best Steamy Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now 1
15 Best Steamy Shows To Watch On Netflix Right Now

Netflix has plenty of series to scratch that steamy itch.

Superboy - Young Justice Season 1 and Season 3 1
Young Justice: 10 Ways Superboy Changed Since Season 1

From cynical teen to inspirational icon, Superboy consistently proved the merit of one of Young Justice's core beats: never judge a book by its cover.

Young Justice's Miss Martian from Season 1 and Season 4 1
Young Justice: 10 Ways Miss Martian Changed Since Season 1

Since Young Justice's first season in 2010, Miss Martian has changed more than just her appearance.

Young Justice cartoon 1
Young Justice's Main Characters, Ranked By Growth Throughout The Series

After several years on the job, no one was left the same.

Quentin Quire & Scott Summers 1
X-Men: Phoenix Force Hosts With the Most Control, Ranked

Of all the X-Men who received the Phoenix's touch, there are a special few who exhibited more control than the others.

The Eternals Movie Cast 1
10 Things About Eternals That Make No Sense

Eternals contains story elements that are difficult to accept at face value, leaving the audience with pieces that don’t add up.

X-Men: 10 Questions The Destiny Of X Trailer Raised

The Destiny of X trailer teases new teams, new characters, and new stories. But it also raises many important questions.

10 Spider-Man Villains Who Would Have Made No Way Home Even Better

Although Spider-Man: No Way Home was rife with interdimensional villains, there was still room for one or two more.

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