• Nico Robin possesses the unique ability to sprout duplicate body parts from any surface and control them.
  • Robin's Devil Fruit, Hana Hana no Mi, allows her to create an infinite number of duplicates within her range, making her a formidable fighter with versatile offensive and defensive techniques.
  • While Robin's powers have evolved and she can now create a thousand arms and even clones of herself, she still has weaknesses, including feeling pain in her real body when her duplicates are attacked and being susceptible to the effects of the sea.

In the world of One Piece, those who consume Devil Fruits acquire special abilities. Despite the drawbacks associated with Devil Fruit consumption, most users eventually learn to control their powers and use them to their advantage. Nico Robin is one such character. However, even among the unique abilities of the countless Devil Fruits out there, she has one of the most unusual powers. Robin plays a villain's role in the Arabasta saga, later joining Luffy's crew and becoming one of the most beloved Straw Hats.

Robin is also the key to Luffy becoming King of the Pirates because of her ability to read the Poneglyphs. However, apart from being a genius archeologist, Robin is also a strong fighter and, arguably, the most well-developed female character in the series. She can sprout duplicate parts of her body in places she desires and, after the time skip, she can even create clones of herself and use them for combat. Her complex multiple techniques seem to be beyond the capacities of any ordinary paramecia fruit. Here's a look at Robin's Devil Fruit powers and how they work.

Updated on October 16, 2023, by Ajay Aravind: Nico Robin was first introduced as Miss All Sunday, one of Crocodile's minions during the Alabasta arc. She went on to save Luffy's life on two separate occasions, proving that she wasn't nearly as villainous as her "boss." As a result of her actions, Luffy saved Robin from the collapsing Tomb of the Kings. As one of the four Devil Fruit users among Luffy's crew, the Hana Hana no Mi has consistently come in handy ever since Nico Robin joined the Straw Hats. That said, some One Piece fans would like to know more about how Robin's Devil Fruit functions. As such, we've updated this feature with some more information.

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What Is Robin's Devil Fruit?

Nico Robin using her Devil Fruit during One Piece's Alabasta arc

Robin has the powers of a paramecia-type Devil Fruit called Hana Hana no Mi, which translates to Flower-Flower Fruit. This signifies the Devil Fruit's ability as its consumer's body parts seem like they're blossoming out of the main body. The Hana Hana no Mi has the appearance of a pink flower-shaped fruit with a stem protruding from the top. It has the signature "S" patterns with swirls, just like any other Devil Fruit. Overall, the fruit has the appearance of a pink dahlia.

In terms of powers, Robin can reproduce part of her body from any object's surface — while this ability requires a certain range to activate, she has proven capable of sprouting limbs from great distances. Further, Robin has complete control over her duplicated body parts. She can also glean information from a distance by copying her ears and eyes, often by implanting them on her elongated limbs. This function presumably applies to the other senses, but fans have yet to see Robin's nose or tongue duplicated. Most importantly, however, she can also create an infinite number of duplicates inside her range.

Hana Hana No Mi Techniques Pre-Timeskip

Nico Robin Uses Wings in One Piece

Robin has improved by leaps and bounds over time, and so have her Devil Fruit techniques. As a child, Robin duplicated her eyes and ears to sneak into the Ohara library and listen to the professors' discussions as well as read highly classified books, setting her on the path to becoming a brilliant archeologist herself. Later, Professor Clover recognized her talents and accepted her as a full-fledged archeologist at just eight years old. In fact, Robin obtains her first bounty of 79 million bellies at this surprisingly young age, in part due to the Hana Hana no Mi's abilities.

She primarily uses her Devil Fruit to duplicate her arms and use them for a variety of purposes, and she has a wide range of techniques just for duplicating her arms. Robin follows a certain pattern while naming her techniques — she first recites the number of limbs in Spanish and adds the word "fleur," which is the French word for "flower". If she wants to attack an opponent, she will add the name of the attack with the technique. For example, Robin can sprout two arms using the technique Dos Fleur, and using Dos Fluer: Clutch, she can block the enemy's mouth and twist them backward, shattering their bones. Similarly, she can use a number of techniques using multiple arms — such as Grab, Slap, Twist, Flip, Slam, Strangle, Hang, Hold, and Shock.

Robin also uses a technique called Wing to spawn a hundred arms from her back and shoulder blades. These arms hold each other tightly in a specific way to resemble two giant wings. Although Robin cannot fly long distances with this technique, she can save herself from falling from a height with it. At most, she can use this technique for five seconds and can also carry one person. Her other useful technique is Spider Net, where again, she networks dozens of arms to generate a literal safety net. Robin's Devil Fruit can also work in synchrony with the other Straw Hats, as seen in the combo ability called "600,000,000 Belly Jackpot." There are numerous other features and abilities associated with the Hana Hana no Mi Devil Fruit, even before the timeskip.

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Hana Hana No Mi Techniques Post-Timeskip

Nico Robin using Demonio Fleur in One Piece

After the time skip, Robin further excels in her abilities and is able to create a thousand arms or legs. Her technique Mil Fleur literally means A Thousand Flowers, through which she creates two huge arms or legs and performs a number of techniques with them. Furthermore, she can even make a clone of herself using Cuerpo Fleur, meaning Body Flower. This ability allows her to duplicate her entire body wherever she wants. Robin employs this technique in the Dressrosa saga to transmit a missive to Law after being trapped in the Tontatta Kingdom. She again uses this technique to infiltrate the enemy's secret rooms in the Wano saga. This arc gives Robin major power boosts, further amplifying her already formidable skillset.

Her technique Gigante Fleur, meaning Giant Flower, allows her to create a massive replica of her upper body, as well as numerous huge disembodied limbs. This is initially seen when she fights Black Maria. Robin's most hype technique, Demonio Fleur, or Demon Blooming, is a direct connection to the term "Devil Child," the title originally given to her. This ability is akin to Gigante Fleur, as she spawns an enormous duplicate of her torso, arms, and head. However, the key difference is that this technique adds horns, fangs, darkened skin, and wings that would look more at home on a bat than on a human. Robin's Demonio grabs the opponent and seals them in an extremely tight grappling hold before delivering immense damage through the Gran Jacuzzi Clutch technique. Another post-timeskip technique developed by Nico Robin is Fish-Man Karate: Giganteum, which incorporates the eponymous martial art into the Hana Hana no Mi's arsenal.

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The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Hana Hana No Mi

Nico Robin Saves Rebecca in Dressrosa

One notable point is Robin's spectacular evolution during the time skip. Before, she was only capable of spawning a hundred arms, but she improves her skills tenfold during the two years of separation with the crew. Except for the seastone prism, Robin has zero limitations on where she can sprout her body parts from. She can even grow arms on her opponent's bodies, dealing with multiple enemies at once. Due to the wide range of techniques, Robin is suited for both offense and defense, as well as gaining intel on the enemies by spying on them.

However, one key weakness of her Devil Fruit is that her real body suffers the same damage as the copied body parts. Though she doesn't necessarily get injured, she does feel the pain. As such, her giant body parts are even more at risk since they give her opponents a bigger target to strike. Additionally, her signature technique Mil Fleur drains a lot more energy compared to her other abilities. Although Robin has no limitations regarding where she can sprout body parts, she does need visibility of the area where she desires to use her techniques. Apart from these few drawbacks, Robin isn't immune to the negative effects of the sea itself, similar to every other Devil Fruit user in the story. She will sink if she falls into the ocean, and no amount of body duplication can save her.