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Brandon Zachary is a Senior Writer with Comic Book Resources and has written for CBR since 2018. He covers breakouts on comics, film, television, video games, and anime. He also conducts industry interviews, is a Rotten Tomatoes certified film critic, and knows a LOT about the X-Men. For requests, comments, or to hear one of his many pitches for What If...?, you can reach him at bs.zachary@gmail.com

Main Cast in Monster High 1
Monster High EP Shea Fontana Broadens the Terrors & Stakes of the Series

Monster High Executive Producer and Showrunner Shea Fontana on raising the stakes and broadening the horizon for the Nick show's new episodes.

Soleil, Stanley, and Pat discover a body in DreamWorks' Fright Krewe 1
REVIEW: Fright Crewe is a Horror-Tinted Take on a Basic Formula

While it's not breaking any new ground, DreamWorks' horror-tinted animated series Fright Krewe offers fun and chills for younger audiences.

Superman and Flash running 1
Superman Vs. Flash: DC Officially Answers Who Wins in a Race

DC officially featured a definitive race between Superman and the Flash. For those wondering who's the fastest hero, the answer may surprise them.

The cast of 2023's Goosebumps screams as a group at an unseen monster 1
Goosebumps' Rob Letterman & Nicholas Stroller Honor R.L. Stine's Legacy

Goosebumps executive producers Rob Letterman and Nicholas Stroller discuss adapting the classic R.L. Stine horror series for 2023 sensibilities.

Dot (voiced by Benni Latham) protects her family in Transformers: EarthSpark 1
How Transformers: EarthSpark's Benni Latham Helped Transform Megatron

Transformers: EarthSpark's Benni Latham breaks down the surprises of her character Dot Molto, finding new layers to Megatron, and joining Lackadaisy.

A collage of Illyana Rasputin (aka Magik) in her Darkchilde form in Marvel Comics 1
One of Marvel's Most Dangerous X-Men Once Became Sorcerer Supreme - And it Was Terrifying

One of the most dangerous X-Men once replaced Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme and threatened the entire Marvel Multiverse.

Nick Fury Comic 1
Marvel Has Officially Said Goodbye to One of Their Oldest (And Most Iconic) Characters

Marvel officially says goodbye to a classic character in Fury #1 while simultaneously leaving the door open for a future return.

corrupted Wolverine on What IF #6 1
The Darkest Marvel Timeline Turned an X-Men Icon Into a Vicious Monster

The version of Wolverine who appears in What If...? #6 remains the scariest version of the character and confirms how horrifying he can be.

Killer Croc standing alongside Poison Ivy. 1
One of Batman's Most Monstrous Foes Has Always Had a Soft Side

A classic Batman villain traditionally appears as a monstrous foe, but he actually has always had a softer, compelling side.

Mikhail Rasputin on X-Force 1
Could a Longtime X-Men Foe Have Been an Omega-Level Mutant All Along?

X-Force #45 reveals that the potential of a longtime X-Men villain may make them powerful enough to be an Omega-Level mutant.

x men fantastic four 1
The Fantastic Four's Mutant Cure Actually Works - And it Could Save the X-Men

The Fantastic Four's mutant cure actually works - and holds the key to the X-Men and their allies surviving Marvel's Fall of X.

Legion of X Juggernaut ForgetMeNot 3 1
A Dangerous X-Men Villain is Poised to Become Marvel's Next Juggernaut

A powerful Orchis leader has plans to become the next Juggernaut, and it could make Fall of X even more dangerous for the X-Men.

Batman in front of Red Hood 1
Batman's Latest Effort to "Save" Red Hood Crosses Serious Moral Lines

Batman's latest attempt to "save" Red Hood is horrifying, highlighting just how unhinged the Dark Knight really has become.

Batman and Robin and Birds of Pray #2 1
One of Batman's Robins is Fated to Become a Time-Traveling Hero

Birds of Prey confirms the eventual fate of an unlikely Robin, revealing that they will become a unique time-traveling superhero.

Winston in The Continental 1
The Continental: Behind-the-Scenes Team on How They Brought John Wick to the 1970s

The Continental's behind-the-scenes team reveals how they brought the John Wick universe back in time to the 1970s for the Peacock series.

Futurama First Season 1
Futurama Had a Weak First Season on Hulu - Here's What Needs To Change

Futurama is back, but it's first season on Hulu suffered from a few consistent flaws. Here's what the next batch of episodes need to become better.

Quest's End Whiskey 2 1
Matthew Lillard Breaks Down Fusing Whiskey & Fantasy With Quest's End

Matthew Lillard discusses his upcoming fantasy and whiskey collaboration Quest's End, and the joys of crafting a new fantasy epic.

Dimension 20 Burrow's End Poster 1
Dimension 20: Aabria Iyengar Celebrates a Surprising New Season

Aabria Iyengar sits down with CBR to discuss Burrow's End, the 20th season of Dimension 20, and discusses potentially returning to previous settings.

Ms. Marvel & Wolverine in Marvel Comics 1
Ms. Marvel's New Series Proves Why the X-Men Are Marvel's Most Tragic Heroes

Ms. Marvel's newly established tenure with the X-Men has highlighted why the mutant heroes are Marvel's most tragic figures.

Iron Lad 1
An Unlikely Young Avenger is Now a Legacy Character

Ultimate Invasion #4 introduces a new legacy version of a Young Avengers mainstay, and reinvents them in an exciting way.

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