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split: Nimrod, Wolverine and Sabretooth from X-Men comics 1
10 Upgrades From Villains That Wolverine Could Use

Wolverine is tough, with his adamantium skeleton and healing factor, but he could help the X-Men even more with some upgrades from villains.

Wolverine and WItchblade, Spawn and Wildcats, Hellboy and Savage Dragon 1
10 Best Image Comic Crossovers, Ranked

From Batman/Spawn to Big Game, Image Comics' best crossovers celebrate their iconic heroes while bringing in familiar faces from Marvel and DC Comics.

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10 Most Important Pieces Of Wolverine Lore New Readers Need to Know

Wolverine's history is complex, but understanding a few key events will help new fans appreciate one of Marvel's most popular heroes.

Spider-Man 2099 meets Amazing Spider-Man and teams up with Wolverine 1
10 Best Spider-Man Time Travel Comics

Spider-Man may be a friendly neighborhood hero, but he also frequently travels through time, teaming up with Spider-Man 2099 and even Wolverine.

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10 Comic Book Grudge Matches We Need After Predator Vs Wolverine

Predator vs. Wolverine is showcasing the value of an excellent comic book grudge match, and many other significant battles deserve their own story.

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The Darkest Marvel Timeline Turned an X-Men Icon Into a Vicious Monster

The version of Wolverine who appears in What If...? #6 remains the scariest version of the character and confirms how horrifying he can be.

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Wolverine Not Being Part of the Rebooted X-Men Is a Good Thing

Wolverine not being part of the MCU’s reboot of the X-Men does justice to his legacy and it allows other members like Storm and Cyclops to stand out.

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Every X-Men Comic Currently Running (& Their Most Recent Issue)

From Marvel's main X-Men comics to Fall of X tie-ins, and limited series, every month offers dozens of adventures for new and dedicated fans to enjoy.

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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine from X-Men Origins (2009) alongside Wolverine from Astonishing X-Men 1
RUMOR: Wolverine Won't Be Part of Marvel Studios' X-Men Reboot

Marvel Studios' current plan for the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe does not include Wolverine, according to a new rumor.

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10 Marvel Comics Wolverine And The X-Men Season 2 Could Have Adapted

The Wolverine and the X-Men animated series unfortunately never saw a second season, but it could have adapted so many great Marvel comics.

Wolverine becomes the Phoenix in Jean Grey #2 1
Why Wolverine Becoming the Phoenix Too Early Would Have Doomed the X-Men

Wolverine being transformed into the Phoenix too early, instead of Jean Grey, could have resulted in a darkly grim timeline for the X-Men.

A split image of Wolverine (Vol. 5) #1, Death Of Wolverine #4, and Wolverine (Vol. 6) #1 1
Death Of Wolverine Killed The Most Interesting Version of the X-Men Hero

Marvel's Death of Wolverine miniseries was responsible for killing off the most interesting version of the veteran X-Men mutant.

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10 Biggest Action-Adventure Games to Look Forward to In 2024 (So Far)

This year has been excellent for video games in general, and some promising action-adventure titles are already coming in 2024.

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10 Coolest Pieces Of X-Men Lore Marvel Needs To Revisit

Marvel needs to resurrect cool pieces of X-Men comic lore that involved the Phoenix, travel to other universes, and Wolverine's own mutant team.

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The X-Men With the Most Resurrections, Ranked

Thanks to their willpower, abilities, and the gift of Krakoan technology, X-Men like Wolverine and Jean Grey have died and returned dozens of times.

split image: Wolverine's first appearance fighting Hulk and in modern comics 1
Wolverine Just Put a Horrifying Twist on His Very First Appearance

Marvel Comics just recreated Wolverine's introductory battle with a brand new breed of Wendigo, and a more contemplative Hulk to match.

Wolverine vs Predator 1
How Wolverine's Duel with Predator Recreates the Sci-Fi Series' Best Scenes

Predator and Wolverine's long-running conflict recreates multiple Predator films, paying tribute to the histories of both characters.

Wolverine Variant 1
Marvel Releases Wolverine Variant Cover to Celebrate Greg Capullo's Return

Wolverine #37 will feature a special variant cover to celebrate Greg Capullo's return to Marvel Comics.

Wolverine and Predator fight in the snow 1
REVIEW: Marvel's Predator vs. Wolverine #1

Benjamin Percy and a team of talented artists let the violence do the talking in the grisly and impressive Predator vs. Wolverine #1.

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10 Great But Forgotten Wolverine Comic Arcs

Over his nearly fifty year history, the X-Men's Wolverine has been the subject of several great stories featured in Marvel Comics.

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