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A split image of Amazing Fantasy 15, One More Day, and the Clone Saga 1
10 Spider-Man Moments That Changed Marvel Comics Forever

From Venom's debut to major retcons in One More Day, big Spider-Man events have also changed the wider Marvel Comics universe.

split image: Flash Family on Cosmic Treadmill, Grant Gustin Flash and Wally West vs Lord Superman 1
10 Best Flash Multiverse Adventures

Some of the best Flash adventures involve Barry Allen, Wally West or any speedster traveling the multiverse, battling threats like Reverse Flash.

split image: You've Been Canceled, Monomyth and Don't Spit in the Wind comic covers 1
10 Best Mad Cave Studios Comics, Ranked

While DC and Marvel focus on superheroes, Mad Cave Studios tackles every other genre, producing fantastic sci-fi, fantasy and horror comics.

split image: Spider-Island, Carnage over New York and Spider-Man vs Sinister Six clones 1
10 Best Spider-Man Events That Involved All Of New York City, Ranked

New York houses most of Marvel's Avengers, and some of the best Spider-Man comics involve many of those heroes or the entire city itself.

Erica Slaughter battling monsters in Something is Killing the Children comic 1
10 Best Issues Of Something Is Killing The Children (So Far)

Something is Killing the Children is a hit horror comic series from BOOM! Studios, and some issues stand out more than others.

A collage of the Duplicator and Time Machine from Calvin and Hobbes 1
Calvin's 10 Greatest Moments In Calvin & Hobbes

From experimenting with the Duplicator to trying to take care of his mom, Calvin's caring actions bring plenty of heart to Calvin and Hobbes.

Forgotten DC Comics Villains including Houngan, Dominus, and Indigo 1
10 DC Comics Villains You Didn’t Even Know Existed

The DC Universe is a treasure trove of untamed villainy, where the forgotten await new tales to be told.

Batman in front of Dark Knight Metal and first batman comic book 1
10 Batman Moments That Changed DC Comics Forever

Whether it be Knightfall, Identity Crisis, or The Tower of Babel, Batman often finds himself at the center of DC Comics' game-changing events.

Wolverine and WItchblade, Spawn and Wildcats, Hellboy and Savage Dragon 1
10 Best Image Comic Crossovers, Ranked

From Batman/Spawn to Big Game, Image Comics' best crossovers celebrate their iconic heroes while bringing in familiar faces from Marvel and DC Comics.

Superman and Wonderwoman, Huntress and The Question, VIxen and Green Lantern 1
10 DC Romances We Wish Were Canon

DC Comics has introduced a number of romances that exist outside of the main universe that we absolutely wish were canon.

Split image Catwoman, Damian Wayne and Batman, Azrael 1
The Biggest Traitors in Batman Comics

Batman has been around for almost 90 years, and has racked up a huge supporting cast. It's no surprise the hero knows what it's like to be betrayed.

The Avengers members 1
10 Most Important Pieces Of Avengers Lore New Readers Need to Know

From the Avengers' greatest victories to their hidden secrets, there are important facts every Marvel fan should know about Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider, Spidercide, and spider man doppelganger 1
A History Of Every Spider-Man Clone

Spider-Man has had a massive and confusing web of clones throughout his sixty-year history in Marvel comics.

A collage of Wolverine and Kitty Pryde in Days of Future Past and of chimeras in Powers of X 1
10 Best X-Men Time Travel Comics

From classics like Days of Future Past to modern epics like House of X/Powers of X, Marvel's X-Men franchise has excellent time travel comics.

Split image Lobster Johnson, Abe Sapien and Sledgehammer 1
10 Best MignolaVerse Comics (That Aren't Hellboy)

The Hellboy universe is home to one of the greatest heroes in indie comics. However, there are plenty of great stories without Big Red.

Split image Big Trouble in Little China/Escape NY, Power Rangers TMNT, Planet of the Apes 1
The Best BOOM! Studios Comic Crossovers, Ranked

Boom! Studios is one of the strongest publishers in indie comics. Like any great publisher, they've told some brilliant crossover stories.

Calvin and Hobbes read comics against a background of comic panels 1
15 Reasons Hobbes is Actually the Star of Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes are one of the most famous comic strip duos of all time, but there are many ways Hobbes proves himself more worthy of the spotlight.

Split image Doctor Occult, John Constantine and Joe Golem 1
10 Greatest Occult Detectives In Comics

Mysticism and the occult are a core part of the comic book industry. It only makes sense that a variety of heroes would specialize in the area.

split image: Grant Gustin Flash, Reverse-Flash running, Wally West vs Barry Allen 1
10 Most Important Pieces Of Flash Lore New Readers Need to Know

From Jay Garrick's Golden Age debut to Barry Allen's rivalry with Reverse-Flash, DC comic readers should know these iconic pieces of Flash lore.

Wanda Maximoff and Moira 1
10 Big Marvel Secrets That Were Justified

While lying is hard to justify, several Marvel Comics proved certain secrets are worth defending, especially when innocent lives are at stake.

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