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Elliot Gudge

About Elliot Gudge

Elliot Gudge is a graduate of UEA's English Literature and Creative Writing programme, a qualified English teacher, and CBR comics features writer hailing from the United Kingdom. He spends most of his time getting banned from parties for talking incessantly about Spider-Man.

Vote Loki 2016 1
How Vote Loki Became The God of Mischief's Best Comic

Satirical, playful, and funny, Vote Loki is the perfect vehicle for Marvel’s much-loved trickster, providing a timely and relevant tale.

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10 Best Spider-Man Comics From Different Genres

Over a sixty-one-year publishing history, Spider-Man’s layered characterization and disparate villains have allowed him to genre-hop to great effect.

31 Days of Halloween: Hellblazer #27

Hellblazer #27 features John Constantine facing down darkness with the help of human connection, and serves as a horror masterpiece.

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A Readers' Guide to Faith in Valiant Comics

A beacon of goodness, childlike wonder, and inclusive characterization, Faith has grown to become Valiant Comics’ greatest female superhero.

Heartstopper Webcomic 1
The Biggest Changes Netflix’s Heartstopper Made to the Webcomic

A faithful adaption, Netflix’s Heartstopper uses its deviations to enrich the original webcomic, leading to a more satisfying experience.

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Why Spider-Man's Rogues' Gallery Shine in Daredevil's World

Transitioning from the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man to Daredevil, many Spider-Man villains have been defined by The Man Without Fear.

A collage showing Batman and Two-Face along with rotting pumpkins using Tim Sale art from Batman The Long Halloween 1
Why The Long Halloween is Still Batman at His Best

Twenty-seven years on from its initial publication, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s limited series The Long Halloween remains Batman at his best.

Comic author Dan Slott and Spider-Man. 1
How Dan Slott's Run on The Amazing Spider-Man Secured the Web-Slinger's Legacy

Dan Slott’s record-setting run on The Amazing Spider-Man steered the course of the then-ailing comic, securing Spider-Man’s legacy forever.