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Alex Lenzini is a Gaming Features Writer at CBR, and he has been writing about games for 6 years. He has also been known to work in film and content creation occasionally. He can be found playing a wide variety of games from JRPGs to first-person-shooters, but he will forget all of them when a new Nintendo or Kojima game is released. 

River Song  1
River Song's Universes Beyond Doctor Who Magic Card Is A Complete Flavor Win

Magic's Doctor Who crossover features cards representing the long history of the series, and the River Song card perfectly captures the character.

Fallout, Midnight Suns and Skyrim 1
Save Scumming Isn't the Best Way to Play RPGs, But Games Don't Leave Players Much of a Choice

Players are often tempted to reload a previous save to change things in an RPG. While it is a quick solution to setbacks, it ruins the RPG experience.

A composite image of Despero, Gentleman Ghost, and Mongul from DC Comics 1
10 DC Villains Made For Fighting Games

While Injustice has already adapted big DC names like the Joker to fighting games, Star Sapphire and Mongul could be game-changers.

A split image of game glitches from Assassin's Creed: Unity, Fallout 76, and Mass Effect: Andromeda 1
10 Games With The Most Glitches, Ranked

Sometimes players can let a glitch slide when it's a part of an otherwise great game, but these titles couldn't be salvaged from their myriad of bugs.

DC heroes rushing at the viewer 1
10 DC Heroes Made For Fighting Games

DC heroes have appeared in several video games across many genres, but there are certain DC heroes that would fit in fighting games perfectly.

gotham knights redfall 1
10 Co-Op Games That Should Have Been Single-Player

Co-op allows players to come together to play their favorite games, but adding unnecessary co-op options to a game can ruin a solo experience.

Daemon X Machina Box Art 1
Armored Core VI Not Your Speed? Try This Underrated Mech Game On The Switch

Armored Core is one of the best mech-action games, but its design and difficulty may turn off new fans. Fortunately, there is a great alternative.

Final Fantasy XVI Clive with the power of Odin 1
Final Fantasy XVI is More Kingdom Hearts Than Game of Thrones — And That's a Good Thing

People have compared FFXVI to Game of Thrones a lot. While understandable, the game is closer to Kingdom Hearts in its themes and design.

Armored Core VI Smart Cleaner 1
Armored Core VI: How to Beat the Smart Cleaner

The Smart Cleaner is an imposing boss, and it forces players to adjust their AC build. Fortunately, it has some key weaknesses to exploit.

Armored Core VI Balteus 1
Armored Core VI: How to Beat Balteus

Balteus is Armored Core VI's first real boss fight. It tests what players have learned in Chapter 1, and gamers can easily fail if unprepared.

MIlicent in front of Malenia and Church of Plague Elden Ring 1
Elden Ring: Millicent Side Quest Guide & Walkthrough

Millicent's quest in Elden Ring is easy to miss, and it's also one of the longest and most difficult quests. This guide will help you complete it.

Artoris facing down his giant wolf companion Sif in a dark forest 1
How the Saddest Fight in the Dark Souls Franchise Broke Player's Hearts

Dark Souls has some of the best bosses in gaming history, but one wolf in particular has been breaking players' hearts for years.

Armored Core 6 dystopian environment with an armored mech in a red glow 1
Everything You Need to Know Before Playing Your First Armored Core Game

Armored Core is arguably the king of mech action games, but it can be daunting for new players, and there are key things those gamers should know.

The cover art for the Realm of the Gods set in Dragon Ball Super Card Game. 1
How to Play the Dragon Ball Super Card Game

The Dragon Ball Super Card Game takes some of the best ideas from other trading card games and adds Dragon Ball's flare.

PT game logo letters over image of woods 1
Why P.T. Needs a Comeback More Than Ever

P.T. cemented itself as an iconic and influential horror game despite being a demo, and Konami would be foolish to allow it to languish in obscurity.

Exosuits in engaged in fierce combat during the game Exoprimal  1
Exoprimal Has the Best Approach to Story in a Live Service Game

Live-service games have ongoing stories, but they're kept separate. Exoprimal proves that the story can blend seamlessly with standard MMO gameplay.

Final Fantasy Every Cid Appearance 1
Every Appearance of Cid in Final Fantasy , Ranked

Appearing in every mainline Final Fantasy game, Cid has various backgrounds, quirks, and styles that keep his variants unique and entertaining.

Retro consoles and game cartridges for the SNES, Atari and PlayStation 2 1
Why is Video Game Preservation so Difficult And Why is It Important?

Video game preservation is important to protect the medium as an art form, but there are several factors preventing it from being a standard practice.

The PS5 Slim 1
The PS5 Slim Needs To Be Affordable & Accessible If Next-Gen Gaming is Going to Thrive

According to Microsoft, Sony plans to launch a "Slim" version of the PlayStation 5. If this is true, it needs to make large strides for Sony's system.

10 Mistakes That Still Haunt Magic The Gathering 1
How to Get Into Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering can be scary for new players, but it has never been easier to build a deck and start playing the world's greatest card game.

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