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Top Gun: The Next Generation Docuseries Is Ready for Take-Off

The NatGeo docuseries Top Gun: The Next Generation will follow Navy students' training as they train to become strike fighter pilots.

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Nicolas Cage Once Starred In a Forgotten (And Doomed) Top Gun Clone

In 1990, Nicolas Cage starred in an obscure helicopter-themed Top Gun clone. The movie's missed everything that made Top Gun work.

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10 Cringiest Action Movie Heroes

Some of the cringiest action movie heroes have unsettling personalities while others make decisions that poorly reflect on their character.

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10 Movies That Explain The '80s

The '80s was a time in movie history when non-stop hits would define the tastes of not just an era, but for movies going forward.

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Great Movies That Have The Same Plot

In cinema, there have been pairs of movies that have had the exact same plot. These can be extremely similar, or very different at first glance.

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10 Movies That Were Secretly From Other Genres

Movies like Top Gun and Contact may surprise viewers as their scripts and productions fit more comfortably within unexpected film genres.

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How Goose Died in Top Gun

Top Gun: Maverick will bring Goose's son to the big screen. But how did Goose die in Top Gun, and who was at fault for his tragic death?

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10 Best 1980s Montages

No era did movie montages quite like the 1980s! These are some of the best movie montage scenes that the '80s have to offer.

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10 Movies With The Best Original Soundtrack

A great original movie soundtrack can develop a life of its own.

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Top Gun Easter Egg Found in Mass Effect 16 Years After the Game's Debut

Mass Effect creator Casey Hudson praises a fan for finally acknowledging a Top Gun Easter egg a full 16 years after the Bioware game was released.

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10 Most Problematic Action Movie Heroes

Despite being "the good guys," some action heroes express dubious ethics and problematic behavior.

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Why Top Gun References Are Banned at the Real-Life School

The real-life Fighter Weapons School of Top Gun fines students if they reference the film, and a former fighter pilot knows why.

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10 Best Action Movies Of The 1980s

When it comes to action movies, the 1980s were the golden age. These films were filled with all the explosions, kills, and car chases fans could want.

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10 Copycat Films That Are Better Than What They're Ripping Off

Many films share similarities, but some copycat movies are even better than the projects they ripped off.

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10 Action Heroes That Defined The '80s

Several '80s action heroes defined the decade and have become cinematic icons.

Tom Cruise's 10 Best Performances

With a decades-spanning career, Tom Cruise has delivered some fantastic, all-timer performances.

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Each Year Of The 1980s' Highest-Grossing Film

The 1980s changed the face of cinema, and these films led the way by being the highest-grossing movies of every year.

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10 Best Stunts In The Top Gun Films, Ranked

Top Gun and Top Gun: Maverick have brought some of the best stunts in action film history, showcasing thrilling aerial tricks.

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10 Callbacks Top Gun: Maverick Made To The Original Movie

Packed with heartwarming callbacks to the original movie, Top Gun: Maverick pleasantly surprised viewers with its depth and overall quality.

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10 Times Top Gun: Maverick Was A Perfect Sequel

Top Gun: Maverick not only serves as the perfect sequel for the original, but it even stands alone as a stellar film without its predecessor.

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