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Jon Mendelsohn is a graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in film. He is a writer, filmmaker, and lover of anything and everything pop culture. When not writing or binge-watching Netflix, Jon loves to travel and find all the hottest foodie spots.

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REVIEW: Shudder's The Puppetman Delivers a Confusing and Derivative Horror Tale

The Puppetman is a new horror flick that fails to convey an effective story or major scares. Here's CBR's review.

Footage from Shudder's V/H/S 85 episode 'Dreamkill' shows a Goth man being interviewed 1
V/H/S/85: Scott Derrickson on Found Footage Rules and His Potential Cinematic Universe

In an chat with CBR, filmmaker Scott Derrickson discussed creating the 'Dreamkill' segment for Shudder's horror anthology sequel V/H/S/85.

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REVIEW: Hulu's The Mill Carries Effective Themes in a Flawed Package

A single-location thriller, The Mill features important themes and a solid lead performance but suffers from major pacing issues. Here's CBR's review.

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REVIEW: Elevator Game Features a Frightening Villain Inside a Disappointing Horror Flick

Elevator Game sloppily adapts an internet legend into a film, resulting in a clunky and confusing mesh of ideas. Here's CBR's review.

Christian Talks to a man in a dog suit in Good Boy 1
REVIEW: Good Boy Depicts the Darkest Depths of the Human Psyche

Norwegian horror flick Good Boy features a shocking storyline and plenty of jaw-dropping twists. Here's CBR's review.

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My Animal Director Jacqueline Castel Discusses Her Unique Take on Werewolves

Filmmaker Jacqueline Castel breaks down her feature film debut, My Animal, during an exclusive chat with CBR.

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The Passenger Director Carter Smith Discusses the New Thriller's Dynamic Characters

Filmmaker Carter Smith sat down with CBR for an exclusive chat regarding his new film, The Passenger.

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REVIEW: Shudder's Quicksand is Run-of-the-Mill Survival Horror Fare

Quicksand fails to offer anything new to a familiar subgenre of horror.

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REVIEW: Sheroes is a Mediocre Action Comedy That Settles For the Bare Minimum

Sheroes has committed performers and a frenetic style, but the story is derivative and goes nowhere fast. Here's CBR's Review.

Maisie Richardson-Sellers gazes longingly in Jagged Mind 1
Jagged Mind Director Kelley Kali Discusses Hulu's Romantic Thriller With a Magical Twist

Filmmaker Kelly Kali had an exclusive chat with CBR, discussing the significance of casting and location in her new thriller film.

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REVIEW: Brooklyn 45 Delivers an Adequate Horror Drama That Could Have Gone Further

Brooklyn 45 has some entertaining elements, but the movie needed to push itself further to achieve greatness. Here's CBR's review.

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REVIEW: Falcon Lake is a Subtle Dream-Like Supernatural Coming-Of-Age Romance

Falcon Lake is a relatable and understated exploration of young love with a dream-like, supernatural element.

Shailene Woodley and Jack Whitehall hug in Robots 1
Robots: Jack Whitehall and Shailene Woodley Discuss the Dynamics of Their New Sci-fi Rom-Com

In an interview with CBR, Whitehall and Woodley speak about the process of building their characters and working with the filmmakers of Robots.

Collage of characters from Korean horror films Svaha and Sweet home. 1
The Best Korean Horror Series & Movies on Netflix to Give You Nightmares

While American horror tends to rely on jump scares and gore, these Korean horror movies and TV shows on Netflix go for something deeper.

Scott Pilgrim stands in front of Blade Runner 2049 and A Cure For Wellness posters 1
7 Box-Office Flops That Are Actually Great Films

Although these films did not sell enough tickets in order to see a profit, they still are well-made pieces of cinema that deserved better.

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REVIEW: Sick of Myself is a Shocking, Hilarious Foray Into a Damaged Psyche

Sick of Myself is an intoxicating film that is funny and grotesque, with a fantastic performance at its core.

Owen Wilson as Carl Nargle smoking a pipe and painting 1
REVIEW: Paint Is an Understated Dry Comedy

Paint, which stars Owen Wilson as a Bob Ross-inspired character, is an enjoyable movie with a lot of heart that doesn't strive to be grand.

Malum Movie Monster 1
REVIEW: Malum is a Terrifying Horror Opus

Malum is a modern horror film that knows how to be genuinely scary, creating some of the most frightening sequences of the year.

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REVIEW: The Unheard is a Mishmash of Ideas that Never Finds a Proper Flow

The Unheard contains many elements that should make it work, but the film ends up being an extremely slow and tedious supernatural thriller.

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REVIEW: The Tutor is a Watchable But Mediocre Thriller About Obsession

The Tutor is a mildly entertaining thriller that convolutes itself with too many twists. Here's CBR's Review

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